How to Use Snap Caps (Including Best Snap Caps)

Let’s learn how to use snap caps and some of the best snap caps in the market in this article.

There has been debate about whether or not you should dry fire your rifle for a long time. Despite its debut, many people are still unfamiliar with snap caps and how they might aid in the dry firing process.

Many people question what snap caps are since they are unfamiliar with their application. Snap Caps are phony ammunition meant to protect your pistol from harm when dry firing.

When a snap cap is placed in the chamber, the weapon’s firing pin engages a spring-loaded plate, simulating a genuine round. There’s a snap cap for practically every caliber, and depending on the pistol you use, you might not even need one.

Top 5 Best Snap Caps in 2024

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1.Tipton Pistol and Revolver Snap CapsCheck at Amazon
2.A-ZOOM 12322 223 REM Snap CapCheck at Amazon
3.Steelworx 22 LR Steel Snap Caps Dummy RoundsCheck at Amazon
4.Tipton Shotgun Snap Caps with False PrimerCheck at Amazon
5.ARKSight 9mm Dry Fire Training Cartridge Integrated Snap CapCheck at Amazon

How to Use Snap caps?

Type 1

Simply fill a magazine with fake bullets and slot it into the pistol to start the malfunction exercise. You’re now ready to perform the drill.

All you have to do now is aim the gun and fire a shot. You will hear a click but no boom since the cylinder is empty or filled with a fake bullet. Continue to the malfunction clearing.

Type 2

Simply fill a magazine with fake ammunition, but do not place it into the rifle yet, like the type 1 failure. First, lock you slid to the back and put a dummy around into the bayonet lug so that when you lock the slide and enable it to gently close, it will close, catching the dummy around and therefore will be established for a type 2 failure. Then point the pistol and try to pull the trigger; you’ll receive a dead trigger, and the rest of the failure exercise will follow.

Type 3

You’ll need a holster on your waist and a magazine loaded with fake bullets for this training. To prepare the gun for this practice, lock the slide back, then place a fake cartridge into the chamber, followed by a fully filled magazine with fake bullets into the pistol.

Then slightly release the barrel so that the gun tries to put a fake bullet into the chamber that already has one. Now it’s time to practice the Type 3 Failure drill.

Tactical Reload Drill

You’ll just need two magazines filled with dummy bullets for this to practice, one in your belt pouch and another in your pistol, and then you’ll be ready to complete the tactical reload drill.

Drill for Reloading in an Emergency

You need an empty mag placed into your handgun with the action locked back and a mag in the pouch on your belt filled with fake rounds for this practice. You’re now ready to practice emergency reloading.

You’ll receive a “dead” trigger when you try to fire, and a quick check into the bayonet lug will indicate that your pistol is empty. After that, you’ll complete the drill.

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What is Dry Firing?

Dry shooting a rifle or handgun means firing it without using live ammo. This can include utilizing no ammo, snap caps or “fake” or “inert” ammunition that does not culminate in a projectile exiting the gun’s barrel.

All experienced firearm trainers promote dry fire training as an effective and beneficial technique to develop all of your gun handling abilities.

Because you are not legally “shooting” anything in this case, a more appropriate word would be “dry practice.” Front Look Weapons Training Institute teaches dry practice, among other guns training schools. It increases muscle memory and sharpens abilities, but it also saves money on ammunition!

While practicing dry fire, one thing to keep in mind is to make sure your gun won’t be harmed if you pull the trigger on an empty room. The pinion gear will not be ” padded when hitting a primer on a live round. The pinion gear will not be “padded.”

Most contemporary weapons can be dry shot without causing harm to the weapon but verify with the manufacturer first. If you’re worried about this, use “snap caps” that are meant for dry fire and contain an inert primer region on the round to cushion the firing pin.

If you plan to push the trigger during your practice sessions and are concerned about damaging your weapon (firing pin), I recommend A-Zoom snap Caps, which contain a “cushioned” priming region to protect your pistol from injury.

Snap Caps vs. Dummy Rounds

Most dummy bullets aren’t meant to be “dry-fired” in most guns. This is because most do not have a cushioned place for the firing pin to strike, making it difficult for the gun to operate and perhaps damaging it.

However, the ST Action fake rounds I use contain a cushion where the priming would be, making them safe for dry practice (dry firing).

Always double-check with your gun’s manufacturer to ensure that dry shooting is safe for your type. The term “snap cap” is a common trademark for a phony cartridge created by A-Zoom®, an American weapon accessories company.

Any inert ammo created to enable the gun to “dry fire” without causing harm to the gun is referred to as a “snap cap.”

Dummy rounds are intended to be the same size as genuine ammunition. They fit perfectly in the gun and can imitate the pistol’s capabilities except for the “BANG” portion.

Other makers create decent ones, and I’ll suggest the ones I used and used in the prior. Dummy cartridges are used to test the cycle and ejection operations without needing to go to the ranges and practice exercises.


Snap caps are an excellent method to practice shooting without leaving the house. They are also reasonably priced. Loading, flinch cure, and even gun pull discipline may all be practiced.

Even better, the snap caps may be used to practice unblocking a jam. Simply wrap it with sticky tape so that it gets trapped in the pistol when you shoot.

After that, you may put what you’ve learned about how to unblock it into practice. So purchase yourself some snap covers the next time you want to securely dry fire your rifle or practice without traveling to the firing range. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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