How to Use Gun Cleaning Jags in 2024 (updated: Feb)

Don’t know How to Use Gun Cleaning Jags? If yes, this post is for you.

Brass jags are available in various sizes to accommodate different calibers of firearms. The jag has a plunger-like shape with a sharp edge to securely hold a cleaning patch. It will fit securely in the bore when fitted with a patch, and this tension will help remove fouling and excess solvent and oil. 

A fouled barrel can be wiped with a jag and patches, as well as a good bore cleaner. Continue reading to find the steps on how to use gun cleaning jags.

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What is a Gun Cleaning Jag?

The jag is a direct attachment to the end of a cleaning rod. To fulfill their jobs, they need to be pointed and sharp. Its main function is to keep the cleaning patch in place while going up and down the gun barrel. Various sizes can be used with cleaning rods, so you’ll have to figure out which one is suitable for you.

How to Use Gun Cleaning Jags [5 Steps]

Items Required 

Step 1

Before you begin cleaning the firearm, ensure it is unloaded. Now, remove all ammunition from the firearm and inspect the chamber and clip to ensure it is empty. If not, it may result in damage or death.

Step 2 

To make cleaning easier, release the action or remove the bolt. Clean the handgun from the breech to ensure no harm to the muzzle rifling. Mount the cleaning rod to the appropriate-sized jag for the caliber of the handgun or rifle. Saturate a cleaning pad with the cleaning solvent by opening the lid to the cleaning solution.

Step 3

When the patch soaked with solvent passes through the muzzle, remove it from the jag. Allow the solvent to dwell in the cylinder for several minutes to release the fouling and begin removing it. Detach the jag and run solvent-soaked barrel brushes down the barrel multiple times to clear the fouling.

Step 4

Replace the cleaning rod with the jag and run a patch soaked in solvent down the bore. Repeat the same until the patches are no longer dirty. To eliminate any excess solvent, run many dry patches down the bore. Using gun oil, grease a patch and slide it down the barrel, leaving a light layer of oil on the bore.

Step 5

Mount the bolt or shut the chamber after inspecting the barrel for blockages. Eliminate all bore fouling and solvent with clean cleaning supplies. To avoid corrosion, lubricate the firearm’s surface.

Use of Gun Cleaning Jags

The most efficient jag will make barrel cleaning more efficient. The barrel can be wiped off the grime, grit, and debris accumulated in the bore since the patch will sit firmly on the jag. The jag will scrub the muzzle and rifling for a clean outcome by moving the patch into hard-to-reach parts of the barrel.


The inside of the barrel or bore is protected by the patch because it stays secure on the jag. This is due to the lack of contact between the bore’s metal and the cleaning rod. You’ll need a patch that’s the right size for this to function.


Running a cleaning patch through a new barrel with a jag is the most realistic way to inspect it for any faults inside. When you slide the jag vertically and horizontally the inside of the barrel, you’ll instantly detect any slack or tight spots. Any minor flaws can be straightened out before firing the weapon.


A jag is an easy way to get the patch out of the barrel if you misplace it inside. The jag can be used to grip and pull the patch out without hurting the interior of your barrel.


After you’ve cleaned the barrel, lube the inside to keep it from rusting. A little oil on the patch will lubricate the patch well without contaminating the barrel. 

The issue is to get to these spots without wearing down the barrels inside. Make sure to utilize high-quality alloy jags and a comprehensive cleaning kit. Compared to plastic models, high-quality ones will endure far longer and will serve you well for many years.


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