How to Clean Gun Cleaning Brushes?

We use the best gun cleaning brushes to clean the guns, but what to use to clean the cleaning brushes?

How to clean them? 

This guide will help you with a few steps to show you how to clean gun cleaning brushes.

So, let’s get started.

How to Clean Gun Cleaning Brushes?

A simple way is to have a small container of turps (100-200 mL) nearly full. 

Give the brush a nice swirl in the turps while it’s still attached to the cleaning rod, and then give it a push to wash off most of the leftover turps when you remove them. 

After a few years, you may need to replace the turps with new ones. Hoppe’s copper solvent on a well-fitting metal brush is a strong cleaning approach. 

Let it rest for an hour or two or overnight. Using a tight patch, repair the damage. Continue the cycle with a synthetic brush and set aside for another 24 hours. 

Replace the patch with a tighter one. If the patch has very little or no coloring, the cylinder is clean enough to use, so oil it and throw it aside.

You may also carefully put the spirit into another bottle to not disrupt the junk at the bottom. ash out that jar, top it up with more spirits & do it all over again.

Use Cleaning Solvents

If you want to clean your gun cleaning brush, you can use these cleaning solvents. Let’s start with the #1 Hoppes.

#1 Hoppes 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Solvent

Hoppes No. 9 has been at the top of our list since it has been the most trusted gun cleaning solvent since 1903. Champions and title winners like Jessica Harrison, John Scouten, and Hana Miculek trust this product. 

It’s a multipurpose bore cleaner that makes cleaning your revolver, hunting rifle, shotgun, and other firearms simple. As you may know, a firearm is an essential element of a hunter’s or shooter’s life. 

As a result, the best gun cleaning procedure is required for your handgun. It also includes two more lubricating oils that help with other precise systems and do not stiffen or rancid. 

Because of its quality rust-free lubrication oil and under budget pricing, I strongly suggest Hoppes 9 Elite firearm cleaning kit.

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#2 Ballistol Aerosol Gun Cleaning Solvent

Because of its multi-application, Ballistol firearm cleaning solvent is ranked second on our list, with over 10,000 ratings and a 4.8 score on Amazon. 

Furthermore, it has a lower penetrating strength than Hoppe’s bore cleaning. (For example, when Hoppe’s uses 5 drops to clear gunpowder, Ballistol uses 7 drops). 

However, the Ballistol is environmentally friendly, while the Hoppes is not. Spray on your guns and absorb for at least 30 to 40 seconds. 

Its excellent penetrating quality allows it to break away from almost anything, including gun powder. It’s non-toxic and puts a good protective layer on your guns to keep them from rusting. 

I recommend this since it’s one of the greatest all-purpose gun lubes and cleaners available, plus it’s just $10.

#3 Break-Free CLP-4 Gun Cleaning Solvent

Because Break-Free has a higher viscosity than Ballistol, it enters and cleans the gunpowder a bit faster. 

However, it is ranked third on our list since it is not biodegradable and has fewer Amazon reviews than Ballistol. Military personnel are the primary users of this device.

Compounds such as petroleum-based solvents and synthetic lubricants are included. It will not harm your weapons’ wood or synthetic elements due to its artificial nature. 

Cleaning, lubricating, and protection are all abbreviated as CLP. As a result, you won’t need any other firearm oil for your weapons. This one is recommended because it was designed for military use.


Hope you learned How to Clean Gun Cleaning Brushes in this post.

Dust, lead, clogging, rust, or loosening abrasive material might cause your rifle to malfunction when you need it the most if you don’t clean it properly. 

Regular cleaning of your pistol using gun cleaning kits or oils, a cleaning kit, a bore washing rod, cleaning pads, and so on will not damage the functionality of your gun or extend its lifespan. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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