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Many people, especially those who dwell solitary, like the Smith and Wesson 9mm gun. 

One of the best ways to get precise results. However, it must be cleaned and maintained just like any traditional gun for it to work correctly.

It is not really tough or energy-intensive to clean a Smith & Wesson pistol, but users ought to understand ways to do it correctly. Reassembling the weapon is typically the first step in the procedure.

If users don’t know how to accomplish it, kindly read this article completely. Let’s learn how to clean a smith and Wesson 9mm gun.

How To Clean a Smith and Wesson 9MM

Step 1: 

Users should begin by removing the magazine. Whenever users hold their firearm, ensure that the muzzle is pointed away from them and their people. 

Withdraw the magazine from the cleanup region by pressing the magazine discharge.

Raise the slide backward to ensure the chamber is emptied after removing the magazine. Once you do this, the cartridge in the compartment will be removed from the device.

To eliminate issues with the cartridge being ejected, ensure the ejection port isn’t obstructed.

Step 2: 

To guarantee that the gun chambers and the bore are free of blockages, draw the slides forth to secure them in an exposed configuration. 

Rotate the assembling lever downward, draw backward on the sliding lockout, advance the slide ahead, position the pistol in a secure position and press the trigger to unleash the slide.

Step 3:

Separate the guiding rod and the rebound band from the slide by pushing the guiding rod upward and pulling it away. Push the barrel upward, and after that, draw it out to detach it. 

Step 4:

Once you’ve completed the frame, you’ll need to set aside the sliding. Put together the necessary cleaning supplies, comprising a solution and oil for cleaning guns, a cleanup rod or bore snake, and cleansing patching or a fresh rug.

Cleanse the slide by sprinkling some cleansing solutions over a patch. Ensure to perfectly wipe the slide to eliminate any powder that remains. 

Eliminate powder deposits and dust from the bore of the firearm if users have not cleansed it in some time but have shot it at least a couple of instances.

Step 5:   

Similarly, cleaning the frame as the slide. Provide the frame a deep clean by dabbing a patch of cleansing solutions on it. 

The frame’s interior should be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate powder remains, metal particles, and other debris.

Step 6:

Wipe off the barrel using a cleaning patch, which has been soaked in the cleaning solutions. Eliminate leftover powder deposits with the cleansing rod and a moist patch. 

Slip the cleaning rod through the barrel and rotate it to release the patch. To guarantee the barrel is thoroughly cleaned, repeat this procedure once thrice.

If users are cleaning the barrel with a bore snake, make a few passes through it to eliminate debris or powder deposits. Once you begin cleaning the barrel, inspect it to ensure it is in good condition.

Step 7:

Greasing is the following step once you have removed dirt and powder residue from the parts. 

The first step is to grease the piece or cleaning patch with a few drops of your greasing solvent and coat the item thoroughly with the oil. 

Keep the crevices grease, but don’t overdo it, as this could cause your firearm to misfire.

Keep your gun’s working parts oiled at all times. Using a multi-purpose oil aerosol spray, you can get into places that a patch or rag can’t.

Step 8:

Make sure users put the gun back together when they have finished greasing it. Attaching the slider securely to the weapon’s framework is always the last step after refinishing the slide to our liking. 

If users are not going to use it again after cleansing, make sure to empty it and put it somewhere secure.

It is strongly suggested that users keep their Smith & Wesson guns in a secure location where only they have accessibility. If the pistol is secured, do not load it while in storage.

Tips & Tricks for Gun Protection and Management

  • Dispose of the weapon in a well-ventilated location appropriately. If users clean their pistol in a poorly ventilated environment, they risk getting injured or being exposed to harmful metal gases.
  • One should know how to use and maintain the pistol well before doing anything with it.
  • Whenever cleaning a pistol, consider eye gear to safeguard the eyes from the solutions used to clean it.
  • Don’t ever let anyone else handle the gun, especially someone who doesn’t know anything concerning guns or gun security.
  • Ensure that users dismantle and assemble the gun appropriately while cleaning it. The consequences of a misstep in any of these stages can be devastating.
  • Avoid tampering with the gun’s structural mechanisms at all costs. If users do this, the pistol may misfire, putting oneself and others in danger.
  • Use cleansing products that are particularly developed for the gun sort.


Hope you learned how to clean a smith and Wesson 9mm in this article.

The 9mm Smith & Wesson handguns are excellent for personal protection. 

In addition to being simple to operate, these tools are also extremely effective and dependable. 

Users must clean their pistol frequently to maintain it in good working order. 

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