How to Clean a Gun With Household Items (Updated on May 2024)

Don’t worry if you need to wash your weapon but don’t have a cleaning kit. Are you on a budget and need to save some money? That isn’t an issue. 

Cleaning a gun is not difficult, and you may do it with simple home objects. Cleaning your pistol prevents carbon and other dirt from accumulating. 

We’ve put up a step-by-step guide for cleaning your gun. You will learn how to clean a gun with household items by following this. 

Why is Gun Cleaning Important?


Have you ever seen a rifle that is 40 years old or older? It isn’t the gun’s substance that makes it last longer; it’s how you care for it. 

The more frequently you clean your pistol, the longer it will last. If not treated properly, guns may gather a lot of dirt, dust, and even corrosion over time.

Gun functioning

Even if you’re not a gunsmith, you still need to understand how your weapon works! The easiest method to find out is to disassemble and clean the pistol regularly. 

You’ll receive a hands-on demonstration of how the various components go together. This can boost your confidence and help you stay calm in a crisis.

Safety & reliability

A rusted and filthy rifle is just as lethal as a loaded pistol in the hands of your adversary. This is not a joke!! Because you will be utilizing the pistol for self-defense, it must always be at its optimum. 

A delay of a few milliseconds can be damaging. A clean gun will give you greater confidence and make you feel safer. After a few range excursions, establish a cleaning regimen. 

This is a good idea to watch if you ever need a primer or a reminder to clean your handgun.

Saving Money

If you believe that leaving your gun unclean would save you money, you are mistaken. Although firearms are seen as aggressive weapons, they are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. 

Keeping your gun clean and in excellent working order can save you money in the long run, whether it’s in terms of reliability or, in the worst-case scenario, having to purchase a new gun.

Cleaning Solvent 

Do you have these three items? It’s now time to shake things up! Fill a metal container with equal quantities of all of them. 

If you’re using 8 oz of gearbox oil, you’ll need the same amount of additional solvents. Metal containers prevent evaporation and allow you to reuse the same mixture several times.

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How to Clean a Gun With Household Items?

Step 1: First, empty and dismantle the gun according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The chamber, rifle, frame, and bolt should all be removable.

This phase should be completed on a big, flat surface, such as a table or a clear floor. Because all of the gun’s components will be removed, it’s critical to maintain track of them and wash them thoroughly. 

When disassembling a pistol in a remote location, it’s easy to lose track of bits.

Step 2: Wipe away all of the fragments with the soft cloth. Do not use the lubricant at this time. 

It’s important to keep the soil from becoming squishy. Clean debris along the rails and into tight areas using the cotton tips. This procedure wipes off any residue or grime accumulated on your firearm. 

As a result of operating and storing a pistol, residue can accumulate, and cleaning this material is the first step before greasing the gun.

Step 3: The inside of the barrel may be cleaned using a rod. With the towel, dry clean the bolt and barrel.

Step 4: Cut a piece of fabric into little squares or circles. This will be used to clean the barrel’s interior.

Step 5: Start to clean the bolt by dipping the cloth into the lubricating mixture. It’s also a good idea to hide the firing pin on the inside. Some sections of the pistol may be simpler to clean than others. 

There will be many forms of residue accumulation, and some of it may come off simply with a dry wipe. 

To ensure that your gun is immaculate, wet a piece of cloth in lubricating oil and wipe down each portion of the gun with it.

Special care should be made to the gun’s trigger mechanism. Continue to clean it until it is gleaming.

Step 6: To go inside the cylinder, use the rod and the square piece of fabric once more. Allow it to pass from the barrel side rather than moving it inside out. Continue the cycle until the fabric is free of carbon and dirt.

Step 7: Using the lube, wipe the cylinder and frame until no dirt is visible.

Step 8: Rebuild the gun and give it one last lubricant wipe. That is all there is to it.


It’s not necessary to clean your rifle outside. Ensure that the space you’re in is adequately ventilated. You would not want to breathe the cleaning solvents since they swiftly evaporate into the atmosphere.

If the fabric pieces are trimmed too tiny, they may become trapped within the barrel or chamber. The square cloth bits should be of a size that you can estimate based on your experience.

Always empty the pistol before cleaning it, then reassemble it as soon as you’re through.

Under strong lighting, clean the pistol. Isn’t it true that you need to look at what you’re doing?

Check to see if your pistol is properly working when you’re through cleaning. For a better outcome, utilize snap caps or simulated rounds.


There are several cleaning products available for your firearm. However, the procedure stays the same. 

You don’t need to hire a professional to do it for you. You won’t need anything but what we’ve provided here if you clean the pistol frequently. 

Make it a habit, and maybe your grandchild or granddaughter will be able to use your gun one day! is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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