(Guide) How To Clean a Gun Cleaning Mops [Updated: 2024]

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What is a Gun Cleaning Mop? 

A gun cleaning mop is a cotton mop the same size as the gun’s barrel. You may use the firearm cleaner on the gun cleaning mop and push it forward and backward.

It will soak up the water and move around freely. The mops also clean the barrels to remove unpleasant odors throughout this process. Bore mops are generally of good quality and have solid construction.

They may be used to lubricate the bore and clean it quickly. When utilizing lubricant oil in the bore, mops are ideal. It does this because it causes foaming and aids in the lubricating process.

Only by utilizing a bore mop to reach every part of the gun barrel can you apply a large amount of gun cleaning. Because gun cleaning mops are used so frequently to clean guns, it’s important to pay attention to them.

Apply a full power dishwashing liquid to the cleaning mop and rinse it in hot water. Furthermore, let the mop thoroughly dry before reusing it.

A gun cleaning rod is the same as a gun cleaning mop. During the cleaning procedure, your guns are vulnerable to harm. The gun will be damaged if you purchase the incorrect cleaning tools.

Cleaning rods are an important piece of equipment and should be handled with caution when cleaning the rifle. When you buy a pistol cleaning mop, you’re buying a brush made of softer metal than gunmetal. Purchase the best bronze brush to use as cleaning rods for weapons.

A carbon fiber rod is a good option for excellent quality. Purchasing a bronze or carbon fiber rod as a cleaning mop is beneficial, but any brush that does not scratch the gunmetal within must be used.

How To Clean a Gun Cleaning Mops

Cleaning a gun is essential for its proper operation and safe firing. The tiny chamber for the explosion necessitates pulling the trigger while silt and residue are left inside the barrel.

As a result, regularly cleaning the bore becomes unavoidable to avoid malfunction risks. If you’re doing some target practice, make sure you clean after each shot. Cleaning your gun should be performed in a well-ventilated location. 

The grease and solvent smell bad, and the fumes are poisonous and make you ill, so cleaning a pistol in a place with good air circulation is beneficial. If you want to clean your guns, you’ll need a cleaning kit. A sports goods store is a wonderful place to get a pre-assembled cleaning kit. If not, you may build it yourself, but you’ll need some cleaning products.

What do you need?

  • A bore brush
  • Gun or lubricant oil
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Flashlight
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cotton swabs
  • Patches and a patch holder
  • A nylon cleaning brush
  • Microfiber polishing cloths

After you’ve gathered your resources, you may begin dismantling the rifle. Before cleaning, it is required, while it is not necessary to disassemble a handgun for repairs. You may dismantle the pistol according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Go over the directions in the manual and prepare the pistol for cleaning. After you’ve finished, you may start cleaning your pistol.

To clean the barrel, use the pads and the polishing rod.

Moist the bore inside the cylinder as the initial step. It’s advisable to start from the bottom of the bore. You may use a patch holder or a cleaning rod to accomplish it. Make sure you use cotton patches that are the proper size for your pistol.

Use a muzzle guard if you cannot begin working from the tedious rear. It prevents the cleaning rod from slamming against the muzzle, which might cause it to fail. Clean the barrel completely, put a solvent-soaked fabric through the bore to the other side, and remove the cover after 30 minutes.

Do not return the patch since it will re-deposit the whole crud inside that it has just cleared off. The first step in pistol cleaning is crucial, so take your time.

Swap out the patches and bore brush

Swap the barrels, paying attention to every aspect. Switch the patch holder so that it’s easy to run the bore scrubby brush and forth 3 to 4 times along the whole bore length to release the debris.

Reconnect the patch holder and feed the solvent-soaked cotton covers through the bore. You may also take them out as they pass through the front. You may continue the cycle until you’re completely clean, then remove the patch from the inside. It’s best to run a dry area several times and check it thoroughly for any build-up.

Lubrication of the barrel

Put a few drops of gun conditioner or oil on the cotton mop and fasten it to the cleaning rod. You may press it through the barrel to leave a light layer of gun grease on the inside.

To lube and clean, use a solvent.

It’s recommended to apply the solvent to the barrel brush and other components after making sure they’re completely dry with a clean towel. You can mildly lubricate the moving and staying-in-action functions. The coatings protect them from rusting, but they must be applied lightly. If not, a thick coating of trash will attract it.


Hope you learned how to clean a gun cleaning mop in this article.

After cleaning down the pistol, make sure to utilize it. It’s ideal to use a shiny cloth to rub some slick lubricant on.  It will clean up any accumulated debris and guarantee that the surface is gleaming. If there isn’t a specific cloth for cleaning guns, socks and old clothes will do.

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