How to Clean a Glock 17 like a Pro (Updated: Jul 2024)

Let’s learn How to Clean a Glock 17 in this article.

Your Glock is among the most reliable and straightforward tactical handguns available. This is one of the reasons why the Glock had become so popular. 

It’s almost as though the Glock aspires to be the Platonic ideal of a handgun. The Glock has all you need in a handgun and nothing you don’t. 

There is no external safety, no hammer, and nothing more you need to do to shoot your Glock other than loading it, loading the slide, and squeezing the trigger. 

As a result, the Glock handgun is a tempting everyday carry weapon for civilians and police enforcement.

How to Clean a Glock 17

Follow these steps below if you want to learn how to clean a Glock 17:

The Barrel 

Glock 17 barrel

The dirtiest part of the barrel is the carbon and grime accumulation. Put a dry brush to the handgun rod and pass it through the barrel to clean the barrel. 

After that, take a patch and run it through the chamber a few times with Hoppe’s gun cleaning. Now connect a small bronze bristle to the pole and send it into the barrel chamber.

Remove the bronze bristle, connect a patch to the handgun rod, and pass it into the barrel chamber. To eliminate the cleanser, continue the cycle with a dry patch.

Apply Hoppe’s lubricant gun oil on a plug and use your gun rod to pass it through the inner chambers of the barrel. 

Apply extra Hoppe’s oil to a repair to clean and lubricate the exterior part after the interior is clean and lubricated while examining it for any dirt accumulation. Placing the barrel on a smooth edge is a good idea.

Slide Recoil Spring 

glock 17 Slide Recoil Spring 

Clean the sliding rail notches and other components with a brush to eliminate dirt and buildup. Clean down the chute inside and out with a patch of Hoppe’s oil until it feels and looks fresh.

Apply a drop of lubrication to the rear ends of the sliding rail cuts and place it vertically so that the lubricant travels the length of the slides. Wipe off the recoil and guiding rod surfaces with a greased patch.

The Frame 

Begin by scrubbing the frame’s inner and external surfaces with a tiny gun cleaning brush, just as you would the slide. Then, wipe off the cleaned areas using a gun cleaning patch dampened with Hoppe’s gun grease.

Apply a drop of lubrication to the trigger bar’s end after it’s clean. Clean the back frame of the rifle with another patch soaked in lubricating oil.

Reassemble the Gun 

Reassemble your Glock 17 by placing the barrel of the recoil springs component, and then slide it down onto the frame after each item has been cleaned and oiled. 

After that, do a function test on your handgun by emptying it to ensure it is empty, aiming it in a safe position, and pushing the trigger two or three times to ensure it is working properly.

Lube it up

It’s time to grease the Glock now that it has been wiped. A decent rule of thumb is to grease any region where metal meets metal, but be careful: a little goes a long way. 

The Glock does not require a lot of lubrication to function correctly, and too much might cause issues. Less is more in this case.

We don’t need to lubricate the guide rod, so we can go to the cylinder. Add a few drops of gun oil on a cleaning patch, run it through the washing rod, and run it through the chamber twice. 

After that, take a flat spot, thread it through the rods, and then scrape the barrel to help absorb any excess. 

Wipe the outside with a cleaning patch dipped in lubricant. Now blot the excess using a dry cleaning patch.

When it comes to the slide, pay special attention to the rails and apply a drop of lubrication to the whole region. Mop away any excess with a dry patch. 

Lubricate the apertures where the slide travels against the barrel as well. Wipe away any excess. Apply a drop of lubrication to the frame’s rails and wipe away any excess lube with a dry patch. 

Put a drop of lubrication to the socket at the rear bumper of the frame where the triggering bar meets the connector.

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How often should I clean my Glock 17?

Its recommended cleaning your Glock 17 at least once a month.
Cleaning it isn’t essential if your Glock Handgun hasn’t been shot. If you carry your Glock handgun in a dirty or debris-filled area, you should wash it down and inspect the barrel for blockages regularly, but you shouldn’t need to clean your Glock handgun unless you’ve shot it. 

Carbon and debris are produced within a Glock handgun when it is fired. Your Glock handgun is a tough weapon that will keep firing even if you don’t clean it very often, but most gun owners like to clean their Glock pistols every time they use it.

What Will You Require To Clean Your Glock Pistol?

To clean your Glock handgun, you’ll need a solvent designed for weapons, a good gun oil, cleaning wipes, a cleaning rod of appropriate size, and a barrel brush of appropriate size. 

Once you’re done cleansing your Glock, it’s a good idea to have a fresh, dry, lint-free towel on hand to wash down the gun. 

To minimize the mess of washing your Glock handgun to a minimum, have some hand towels or a gun washing mat available.

How long will a Glock 17 last?

A Glock 17 revolver should last approximately 100,000 to 120,000 rounds before breaking if it is not being pushed to its limits.

Is the Glock 17 the best handgun?

Yes, It’s one of the best handguns for Self Defence and law enforcement.

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Hope you learned How to Clean a Glock 17 in this guide.

Once you’ve assembled everything, you’ll need, cleaning a Glock 17 ought to be a breeze. Before cleaning, ensure you take all ammo and secure it in the safe.

Also, go through the material in the user handbook to see if you require any assistance with repairing and maintaining your Glock 17. 

Before storing the gun, do a function test to confirm it is in working order, as the manufacturer directs. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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