How to Clean a Browning Bar Like a Pro (Updated: Apr 2024)

Let’s learn How to clean a browning bar gun in this article.

Cleaning a gun is not as much fun as firing it, but keeping your handgun in good working order is necessary. A Browning BAR is an extremely accurate gun, which may explain why so many hunters use it.

It does, however, require cleaning, just like any other gun. Cleaning a Browning BAR is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have to disassemble it, but it is important if you want to start pressing your targets.

A filthy gun’s accuracy and overall performance might suffer.

Keep reading to learn how to clean a browning bar.

How to Clean a Browning Bar?

cleaning browning rifle

Follow these steps to clean a browning bar without any hassle.

Step 1

When cleaning a gun, the first stage is to detach the mag. Never start by cleaning a loaded gun because you might injure yourself or those around you. To do so, pull the operating handle rearward to see if the barrel is empty. A live round will be expelled if there is one. Once you’ve done so, double-check that the safety is set to “on safe.”

Pull the bolt backward with the working handle; if you haven’t previously removed the mag, open the bolt and press the bolt shifter lever upwards with your fingers to lock the mechanism open.

Wrap a cleaning patch around your cleaning rod and feed it through the barrel. Repeat it a few times to ensure that all filth, grime, oil, and powder residue is removed. To avoid harming the crown, be cautious not to strike it with the rod. Any damage to this component might drastically affect your firearm’s accuracy.

Step 2

Check for charcoal fouling in the cylinder and chamber. If you’ve fired a few rounds, you’ll notice some powder dust, which is anticipated. Use a cleaning cloth and your scrubbing rod to eliminate the residue. Before connecting the patch to your wiping rod, make sure you soak it with a gun cleaning solution.

However, if the carbon fouling is severe, a bore brush will be required to remove it. Soak the brush with gun cleaning solution and scrub the barrel and cylinder as thoroughly as possible to dislodge the fouling.

Step 3

After washing the bore, put a clean patch on your scrubbing rod and wipe the cylinder dry. After that, insert an oiled patch into the bore. Excessive oil might attract dirt, so don’t apply too much.

Make sure the receiver is also clean. To do it, you must first delete the trigger group. Dampen the bolt shifter lever to advance the breechblock up, push the triggering guard pins on each side of the receiver, grip the trigger gate, and pull the trigger block out from the recipient.

Using a manual cleaning patch, remove any grease, grime, or dirt from the receiver and other components, and then cover the cleaned portions with a slippery patch. Don’t pour too much into the motion to keep the oil from going into the wood. The wood may twist or soften as a result of this.

Step 4 

Using an oiled patch or rag, wipe off any metal pieces. Because you’re cleaning a long rifle, cloth would be more convenient. Fingerprints should be removed because moisture can collect in these locations, causing rusting or corrosion. Before storing your gun, make sure to clean the outside thoroughly.

Use a soft oiled rag to wipe down the wood surfaces, or use high-quality furniture and wood varnish. This will help your Browning BAR last longer and look better.

After you’ve finished lubing all of your rifle’s components, it’s time to put it back together. Make sure you do it correctly to avoid difficulties with malfunctioning equipment that might result in serious damage.


Always appreciate your firearm, regardless of the type. Guns are fun to shoot, but they’re also hazardous, and they can cause damage if handled incorrectly.

To avoid any complications, follow our instructions for cleaning your Browning BAR and refer to your weapon’s instruction manual before dismantling and reassembling it. Stay tuned for more posts on gun cleaning and maintenance. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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