How To Clean a Beretta Px4 Storm (Updated on 2024)

Let’s learn how to clean a beretta px4 storm pistol like a pro in this article.

Cleaning and maintaining a Beretta Px4 Storm is like repairing and maintaining any other pistol.

To avoid malfunctions caused by carbon and filth accumulation, one should clean the handgun regularly, regardless of how often they use it.

This article is intended for first-time gun enthusiasts who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of weapons maintenance.

How To Clean a Beretta Px4 Storm [12 Steps]

Beretta Px4 Storm

First Step:

Getting your Pistol cleaning kit together is the first step in the process. Cleansing wipes, copper/nylon brushes, cleansing solution, cleansing rod, and cleansing lubrication must be included.

A pistol clean up pad should be excellent here; if not, ensure the cleansing area is protected from damage by covering it with protective material.

Wearing gloves and goggles is also a fine decision, as the solution used to cleanse the weapon may include irritating compounds to the face and eyes. The Beretta Px4 Storm must only be cleaned with gun lubrication and cleaning developed particularly for Beretta Px4 Storms.

The very same holds true for patching cleanup. Patches made exclusively for weapons are the best option since they are more comprehensive.

Second Step:

After that, detach the mag and press down on the safeguard. Manually and thoroughly inspect the cylinder to ensure it is emptied once users have done this.

Once users begin cleaning the pistol, make absolutely certain it is empty and that there is no ammo in the immediate vicinity.

Third Step:

Release the disassembly pin along both ends of the slides and press the slides off to detach it from the board. If it doesn’t slide off readily, don’t worry about pulling the trigger as users might with something like a Glock. Once you’ve got both the slide and the frames, you’re done.

Fourth Step:

Elevate the camshaft blocker by sliding it somewhat ahead and then removing it from the sliding. The guiding rod, as well as the recoil springs, should be removed at this point.

While reattaching the pistol, keep in mind that the narrower side of the rod goes all the way back into the cam block.

To remove the barrel, simply press it away from the sliding. The easier way to remove it is to raise it from the bottom of the slide, spin it, and then drag it out.

Fifth Step:

Using a tidy fabric of a T-shirt or a rifle cleansing patch if users don’t own a cleansing patch is an acceptable substitute. You can do this by spraying it with a gun cleansing solution, attaching it to a cleanup rod, and pushing it down the barrel.

In carbon clogging, the solvents should disintegrate and eliminate unwanted debris or filth.

Sixth Step:

An aero spraying is great because it is simpler to cover the difficult-to-reach areas of the slide using a cleanup supplies solution. Utilize the gun cleanup liquid.

However, spritz the cleaning solution while the slide is angled downward to avoid grease seeping into the trigger mechanism. It will misfire if the gun’s shooting pin is clogged with oil.

The solution can be applied to the slide with a few aerosol droplets if we don’t have one. Begin by scrubbing the interior of the barrel with the gun cleaning bristles. If users don’t possess one, use an old one.

Clean well to eliminate powdered residues, debris, and grease, particularly in local areas. Afterward, use a cleansing cloth to thoroughly clean both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Seventh Step:

Finally, soak a good cleaning wipe or fabric with the solution you’ll use to cleanse the cam block. After that thread, it through the frame to eliminate any carbon fouling. Next, using a fresh wet cloth, clean the cam block’s outside surface.

Eighth Step:

Scrub the recoil springs and guiding rod with a cleansing cloth dampened with the cleaning solution.

Ninth Step:

It’s time to cleanse the barrel with a moist cleansing patch. The crowning and cunning lugs should be properly cleaned. As soon as you’ve removed all the gunpowder from the barrels, you’ll need a cleansing rod, brush, and elbow grease.

After that, use a clean wipe to eliminate any remaining loose debris or powdered clogging from the barrels. Users don’t need to repair the patches beforehand, but if they pick one, they can do so.

Users might be required to employ more than a single patch to thoroughly cleanse the barrel after running it past the machine a few times. Running a cleaning patch through the barrels is the only way to tell if the barrel is spotless.

Tenth Step:

Scrub the inner surface and exterior of the gun with a wiping patch or a piece of clean cloth after drizzling some cleansing solution over the gun’s frame. Start by removing any carbon fouling from the slide’s difficult-to-reach regions with a brush.

Eleventh Step:

Once all parts have been thoroughly cleaned, it is time to lubricate everything. A small amount of grease is needed, but make absolutely sure to lubricate all of the hard-to-reach places. It is then time to begin rearranging the firearm.

Begin by putting the slide back together and attaching it to your rifle. Ensure that assembling the gun is done correctly; if users don’t, they could injure themselves.

Twelfth Step:

After putting the Beretta Px4 back together, put it in a secure location. Even if you’re not operating the handgun, it’s typically a good idea to take precautionary measures.


Is the Beretta PX4 Storm a good gun?

The Beretta PX4 Storm is a great 9mm pistol. This offers a tried-and-true Beretta operating system and is better than some of the more older models. Hopefully, they will continue to make the PX4 Storm for sometime

Does the military use the Beretta PX4 Storm?

The Beretta PX4 Storm has been adopted by more than eleven countries for their law enforcement.

What kind of ammo does a Beretta Px4 Storm use?



I hope you learned How To Clean a Beretta Px4 Storm in this article.

Users should maintain the Beretta PX4 Storm on a routine basis to preserve it in proper working order.

Keeping it clean will assist its longevity but will also aid users in avoiding serious injury if the gun malfunctions as a consequence of dirt and fouling accumulation. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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