Top 7 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit in 2024 (Updated: May)

Cleaning a shotgun differs from cleaning other guns in a few ways. You don’t have to clean them as frequently as rifles, but it’s still vital to clean them well to ensure their lifespan after each use.

We’ll look at the best shotgun cleaning kit in this article, and we’ve tested them all, so I can confidently say that they do a good job. 

Please pay close attention to the cleaning rods when looking for a suitable kit because they are frequently defective.

Let’s get the best shotgun cleaning kit for you.

7 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

#1 Raiseek Shotgun Cleaning Kit for 12 and 20 Gauge Gun

Raiseek Shotgun Cleaning Kit

This is among the most basic and simplest shotgun cleaning kits available. A bronze brushing and a 25-inch polishing rope are included with the Raiseek cleaning kit.

A cleaning rod is not included in this package.

To remove dirt and sludge, hook the brush to the rope and draw it into the barrel of the cannon.

After cleaning the dirt, lubricate the barrel with your favorite gun oil at the end of the rope.

The cable is well-woven to avoid fraying and is constructed of high-quality materials. It’s rather thick, and its purpose is to thoroughly clean your barrel.

Bronze is used to make the brush and the fibers. So you can rest confident that the brush is of the highest quality, but it also does an amazing job of eliminating dirt and clogging.

This device is ideal for gun owners who only spend a few minutes cleaning their shotgun while on the road. It’s one of the most user-friendly shortgun cleaning kits available.

It’s inexpensive and does an excellent job of maintaining your shotgun in good working order.

#2 ZOHAN Shotgun Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge

ZOHAN Shotgun Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge

The ZOHAN shotgun cleaning kit is ideal for those who do not like to spend a lot of money on a gun cleaning kit. Seven cleaning rods with swivel tips that attach to a T-handle are included in the set.

Since all of the rods are fastened together to form one long rod, the total length of the rod is 33 inches.

This benefits you to clean a shotgun with a long barrel, but it also creates a flex issue. The rod becomes less stiff as a result of all the connecting points.

Another disadvantage is that connecting all rods takes time to clean a large barrel. These cleaning instruments are included in a lightweight, waterproof carrying box.

The 7-piece washing rod in this kit is a bit excessive, and putting together 7 pieces of rod and then dismantling all 7 parts when you’re finished cleaning a shotgun isn’t exactly pleasant.

The 7-piece rods are also known to flex or break easily, which is why a carbon fiber cleaning rod is recommended for lengths more than 30”. The majority of gun cleaning kits come with substandard cleaning rods.

The last thing you want to happen while cleaning your gun is for your cleaning stick to break or harm the interior of the barrel. This is why we strongly advise you to make your own gun cleaning kit.

#3 GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun Shotgun

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun Shotgun

If you’re searching for a shotgun cleaning kit that does it all, GLORYFIRE has you covered. You can’t complain about this pricing. 

You receive lubrication and a bore cleaner bottle worth on its own, as well as an aluminum cleaning rod and a few accessories.

If you don’t already have a shotgun kit, I highly recommend this one. Please remember that it’s exclusively for 12 gauge shotguns, although brush attachments for other gauges are available for a few bucks.

You get what you pay for. The package is compact, but it does the job and includes some of the best shortgun cleaning solutions available. 

Hoppe’s has made a name for itself with its cleaning solution and bore snakes. Although there are better shotgun kits available, this is the one to choose if you’re on a price limit.

And, despite the unattractive package, you’ll discover practically every piece of equipment you need to clean your gun when you purchase this stuff. 

The set includes an aluminum cleaning rod, a container of cleaning solution, gun lubrication, and a brush.

The brush will aid in the removal of dirt and fouling. It has sufficient bristles to perform a good job, but you may always get an additional brush to replace it.

#4 Raiseek Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Raiseek shortgun Gun Cleaning Kit

If you’ve recently acquired a new caliber for your weapon collection, this is a fantastic option. Raiseek’s Cleaning Kits let you select the caliber for your most recent purchase. 

Each set comes with cleaning patches, a polyamide all-purpose cleaning brush, a brass penetration point jag, and a. 5-ounce jar of Raiseek’s lubricant. 

Everything is kept secure and organized in a durable plastic container conveniently stored in your home safe.

The little, zippered case will keep your possessions organized even when you’re on the go. 

The curved gripping grip that links to the ramrods allows for a stronger grip for effective cleaning. 

Behind the store trays, there is a lot of extra space. 65 components may appear to be a lot, and they are, but you will gradually add to your kit.

#5 BOOSTEADY Shotgun Cleaning Kit and Case

BOOSTEADY Shotgun Cleaning Kit and Case

The BOOSTEADY cleanup kit has more to provide than Hoppe’s cleaning kit. It’s a comprehensive cleaning kit, which includes equipment for cleaning shotguns, handguns, rifles, and other firearms.

Four brass rods are included in the package, which, when connected together, make a 32-inch rod. Swivel tips on the rods let you attach a brush for a much more thorough cleaning.

There are ten squeegees in the package, and we’d like to point out that squeegees aren’t included in many kits. This one, however, does.

There are also marks on each wiper that show what caliber it is designed for. So you’ll know which squeegee to use for which caliber.

So BOOSTEADY has gone above and beyond by including a tool in their cleaning package that you won’t find in other cleaning kits. And that’s a big bonus since you don’t need repairs with a squeegee.

To ensure that the barrel is entirely clean, you may need to use numerous wipes to remove all dust and dirt.

Ten copper brushes and two big brushes are also included in the box to aid with the removal of dirt and other pollutants. A cleaning cloth, solvent cleanser, and lubrication are also included.

Cleaning solutions and lubricants are not included in many kits, even those including many tools. So this package includes everything you’ll need to wash your rifle.

#6 SPIKA Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge

SPIKA Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge

The Spika Compact Cleaning Kit comes with nearly all of the cleaning tools you’ll need to maintain your 12-gauge in tip-top shape. 

Spika has been making gun accessories for a long time and has a solid reputation for providing good value.

As a result, you can trust their goods to maintain your guns in excellent operating order.

The Spika cleaning set includes four stainless steel scrubbing rods. It’s also made for cleaning 12-gauge talkies. As a result, the cleaning rods in this set can last a lifetime, giving you excellent value for the price.

A bronze bristle, a springy brush, a mop, an adaptor, an aluminum handle, a muzzle guard, and a package of patches are all included in the set. 

These tools are included in a small carrying case that is easy to transport. A cleaning solution and lubrication are the only two critical gun accessories missing from the set. 

As a result, you’ll have to purchase them individually. The good part is that they are not prohibitively costly.

The package is designed for 12-gauge shotguns and includes practically everything you’ll need to clean these firearms despite the lack of equipment.

#7 RealAvid Shotgun and Rifle Cleaning Kit

realavid Shotgun and Rifle Cleaning Kit

As you’ll see, this shotgun cleaning kit includes much more than shotgun cleaning equipment.

This set includes 9 cleaning brushes, a cleaning sponge, and a cleaning jag for a range of weapons.

It’s one of the few shotgun cleaning kits that includes everything you’ll need.

The Otis system is adequate, but it is a little pricey and includes fewer features, so I prefer the genuine avid items.

The hardcover is quite well-made and has received very few complaints, which is unusual.

Most people despise inexpensive shortgun cleaning cases; however, this one is impenetrable.

The universal coated steel wires created by actual enthusiasts perform admirably. 

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, but it performs just as well as other washing rods, and Otis also makes a flexible rod that I prefer.

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit Buyer’s Guide

If you possess numerous weapons, it’s a good idea to invest in a universal cleaning kit. It might be rifles, handguns, shotguns, or a combination of them all.

Many generic cleaning kits include a variety of instruments to clean a variety of firearms.

A universal cleaning kit is a costly affair if you just possess one firearm, such as a shotgun. They’re pricey, and cleaning one shotgun doesn’t require two or three brushes or many cleaning rods.

In this situation, sticking to a basic cleaning kit might be preferable. It would be a better choice if you could find a kit specifically made for the caliber of shotgun you own. 

In the end, it comes down to personal choice and the amount of money you want to spend on a kit. 

Despite shotgun cleaning kits may not differ in size or price, a few pieces of equipment should be included in every kit. 

These tools are also necessary for maintaining your shotgun in good operating order. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Cleaning Rods

Cleaning your shotgun barrel using a cleaning rod is simple and quick. They come in handy when cleaning a rifle or shotgun. 

Because copper, carbon fiber, and stainless steel brushing rods are robust, most gun owners like them.

If you use a stainless steel rod, be sure it’s covered in plastic or another soft substance to keep it from harming your gun’s barrel.

Some kits have one-piece rods, while others include multiple rods that must be threaded together to form a single full-length rod.

One-piece rods are preferred by certain users as they’re more robust. However, when it comes to choosing the best cleaning rod, the decision is entirely yours.

Bore Brush

A bore brush is required to remove any debris and clogging from your shotgun’s bore. 

Bore wipers come in a variety of diameters to accommodate different calibers. The calibers range from ten gauges to twenty gauges.

So, if you have a 12-gauge tookie, be sure the equipment you’re purchasing includes a bore brush for that caliber. Purchasing a package that includes bore cleaners that you will never use is a waste of money.

Bore Mops

A bore mop removes all debris from a shotgun’s barrel, resulting in a gleaming clean bore. All you have to do now is connect the mop to your scrubbing rod, and you’re ready to begin.

The majority of shotgun bore cleaning equipment is cotton, while others are made of wool. They are supplied in small batches and are reasonably priced. 

As a result, there was no need to repeat one. Once you’ve used a mop, get rid of it since it won’t perform a decent job after that. Bore mops are not included in certain shotgun cleaning packages.

If you desire this item, look for a cleaning package that includes a mop or two, or go to a gun shop and purchase a pack. You may acquire a bundle with 20 or more mops, which should be plenty for several cleans.

Additional Accessories

You’ll need more than just bore brushes, mop, and scrubbing rods to thoroughly clean your gun. You’ll need some additional special equipment. 

Utility brushes, picks, and punches are among these instruments. Almost every aspect of your shotgun can be cleaned using a utility brush. It enables you to eliminate fouling or difficult-to-remove particles.

These brushes are available in many sizes to assist you in cleaning every area of your shotgun. 

A multipurpose brush isn’t necessary for everyone, especially if you clean your shotgun frequently. It wouldn’t harm to have one, though.

Picks can also be used to remove crud, particle fouling, and other debris from hard-to-reach areas that a utility brush can’t reach. 

They are made to endure a long time and are made of materials that will not harm the environment. A punch is appropriate when you need to dismantle your gun for a more thorough cleaning. 

When you really need to clean every element and part of your shotgun, it will make it easier for you to open it up.

So, here are some of the equipment you’ll need to cleanse your shotgun from top to bottom. Bear in mind that these add-ons cost a cleaning kit’s price, but they’re well worth it.

Shotgun Cleaning Tips

Several seasoned hunters will never wash their guns and will continue to use them in their current state. 

Because of the wide range of shotguns available, you may have to compromise on the gun’s dependability and precision. 

Maintaining your shotgun is recommended since a filthy shotgun might be dangerous at times. When it comes to firearms safety, there should be no compromises. 

Keep these crucial points in your mind before you start cleaning your shotgun. Pick a cleaning kit from the list mentioned above as we have tested and ranked them for this purpose.

Observe the directions

Shotguns come in various styles, and depending on whether you have a pump or an auto unloading shotgun, you may find it tough to figure out how to use it at first.

It will be much simpler to complete your task if you follow the directions in the handbook.

Oils of Various Types

You can’t use the same sort of oil on a gun’s metal and wood. The shotgun oil that belongs on the metal portions of the gun is meant to handle heat and debris, so placing it on wood will merely cause pollutants to accumulate, making your gun messier with each usage.


Moisture is metal’s deadliest enemy, and since the majority of the operating parts of your rifle are made of metal, you must protect them against rust. 

Greasing the metal before keeping it and after a few usages will keep moisture out of your gun and keep it from drying out.

Changing Your Oils

Please remember that when you put a coat of oil on your shotgun (and then wipe off the surplus), the oil will not vanish into thin air. 

You must not only oil your gun regularly, but you must also remove the old layers and add a fresh one. This will prevent oil from collecting on or in your shotgun.


What are the best shotgun cleaning kits makers in the market?

Raiseek, Zohan, Gloryfire

What happens if your shotgun isn’t cleaned?

When you fire a gun, and the granules explode, residues are left there that can grab multiple kinds of dirt, many of which are caustic. 

If you don’t tidy them, they could harm the steel’s honesty, causing corrosion that is tough to prevent once it has gained a foothold.

Is it necessary to clean shotguns?

Every 200 shots or so, you must clean your shotgun thoroughly. Before putting away your gun, Wingshooters must clean the fuel injection system, gas ports, and action parts. 

It should also remove field dirt from the mag tubing, thoroughly clean the wood, eliminate any moisture, and wash the gas system gasoline ports and artesian action wells.


Cleaning a shotgun is a little less difficult than cleaning most other guns. In this scenario, it’s a better idea to make your own gun cleanup kit. 

Many folks whine about gun cleaning kits since most don’t come with a decent enough cleaning rod.

As previously stated, when polishing a shotgun, you should utilize a one-piece cleaning rod. 

A universal cleaning kit would be a better choice because it includes more cleaning brushes for the same price.

When you first start utilizing three-piece clean rods, they have a tendency to bend quickly, and you risk harming the interior of your barrel. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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