Top 4 Best AR-15 Cleaning Kit in 2024 (Updated: Feb)

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best AR-15 cleaning kits in this article.

Isn’t it self-evident that keeping your guns clean and ready to use is a no-brainer? Cleaning them on a routine basis is just excellent practice if you want them to operate at their best and in a safe manner. 

You’ll need a decent pistol cleaning kit for this. Carbon, copper, and metals residue is left behind whenever you fire your firearm. 

To help you pick which kit is best for your rifle, we’ve compiled a list of the best AR-15 cleaning kits currently available.

Best AR-15 Cleaning Kit

Here is a list of the 4 best AR-15 cleaning kits available on the market:

#1 Real Avid Gun Cleaning Tool Kit: Best AR-15 Cleaning kit

 Real Avid Gun Cleaning Tool Kit

Among the best AR-15 cleaning kits on the marketplace is the Real Avid Gun Cleaning Kit. 

While this kit is intended for army shooters and those competing in competitions, it is excellent all-around equipment for just about everyone.

When you open it up and slide out the locks, you’ll find a selection of tools that can be used on several guns.

There’s a cleaning splatter and gun oil container, a GP brushing, a steel dentistry pick, a Handy multi-user multi-tool, as well as a white towel so you can start scrubbing straight away. 

The majority of the items in the package are the standard tools included in any excellent AR cleaning kit. 

However, one item in this box has piqued our interest. This cleaning kit features a convenient carrying case.

MOLLE webbing covers the exterior of this bag, allowing you to bring extra MOLLE-certified gear or cleaning equipment. But that’s not the end of it.

Additional cleaning equipment is included in the bag, including a dirt dusting brush, brushes for a range of calibers, three bore snakes, and a full set of cast steel GI rods. 

Check out our comprehensive instructions if you’re unsure how to utilize a bore snake. This is my favorite tool, and it’s all you need to maintain your AR-15 tidy. 

This tool, in my opinion, should be included in every Real Avid package, but since it isn’t, you’ll have to purchase it individually or with this package.

Anyone who owns an AR-15 knows how tough it is to clean the carbon out of the nooks and crevices. 

A nice bore snake and this equipment will take care of most of the cleaning requirements, except cleaning brushes now and again.

This gadget was brought to me by an old military mate, and it is undoubtedly one of my favorite multi-tools for eliminating carbon fouling.

When you first see the tool, it has a strange design that takes some getting accustomed to. It includes directions on how to clean each surface of the gun.

You’ll quickly see that this product is precise and well-designed. Angles and curves, as well as hooks and millings, enable you to get into almost every feasible location of 99 percent of weapons.

Most folks dislike the layout of the cleaning rod, as they do with every rifle cleaning kit. 

I’ll confess that putting all 7 pieces together and then disassembling this one may be a pain. This is my major gripe with this package, and to save effort, you should look into a one-piece 35″ cleansing rod.

Some users also reported that the brushes they got were bent and hence unusable. However, this may be simply a packing issue. Cleaning your weapon with a damaged brush is not a good idea. 

Overall, the reviews suggest that this kit is good to start when cleaning your AR.

For the excellent purpose, the Real Avid Gun Cleaning Kit is our top selection for the best AR-15 cleaning kit on the market; check it out for yourselves.

#2 Otis Technology Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology Cleaning Kit

The Otis Elite Cleaning Kit approach is intended for millions of gun owners who own a large number of weapons.

This technique is compatible with handguns and rifles ranging in caliber from.17 to.50 calibers, as well as all normal shotgun gauges, and it works especially well with inline muzzleloaders.

It is a specialist cleaning bundle that includes almost everything you’ll need to keep your guns spotless, from the front view to the recoil cushion.

Of course, any prudent gun owner should purchase one of these best biometric gun safes.

The Otis Kit includes a variety of brushes with double-ended brushes, sterile gauze, brass jags, and bronze bristles.

It also includes lens wipes and cleaners to help you maintain your eyesight clear. The microfiber cleaned surface will completely erase any prints or grease on your hands.

There’s even a connector component that allows you to attach caliber components from other companies to the Otis rods. 

A higher solid rod with different bore brushes is also included to guarantee that every particle is removed. The bearings pivot on the washing rod is a wonderful touch.

Don’t forget to choose one of these solid gun belts from our selection as well. This zippered case organizes everything and is easy to move.

The Cleaning Kit is neither the cheapest nor the newest product on the market. We must, however, point out that this is the most extensive compact kit available for the price.

This little cleaning kit contains a variety of equipment developed specifically for cleaning your 223 caliber pistol or 5.56mm caliber rifle.

There’s a bending pick, a flattening pick, a barrel pennant, a fiber gun rag, a latching lug remover, a brief AP brushing, and even an educational pamphlet.

#3 GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE has you prepared if you’re looking for a shotgun cleaning equipment that does it all. You have no right to complain about the price.

You get lubricant and a bore cleaner bottle, as well as an aluminium cleaning stick and a few extras.

I definitely suggest this gun kit if you don’t have one already. Please keep in mind that it is just for 12 gauge shotguns, while brush adapters for other sizes are available for a few dollars.

In the conclusion, you get out what you paid for. The box is little, but it gets the job done and includes a few of the best handgun cleaning chemicals on the market.

This kit includes three strong brass poles for 17 to 270 calibre rifles, and also three rods for all calibre rifles, shotguns, and pistols. It also includes all of the brushes you’ll ever require.

All of the brushes and rods may be linked to your calibre thanks to etched-in identifying marks.

This set includes polishing patches, many mops and jags, muzzle guards, cleaning rags, and so much more that we can’t reasonably include in one page.

This kit has a total of 159 components. You’d have a hard time getting it elsewhere if you didn’t discover it in this Gloryfire bundle.

#4 BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

BOOSTEADY Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

We were looking for the best, most economical AR cleaning kit, and I believe we found it in this one. 

You shouldn’t use this package as your primary weapon, but it looks fantastic at the range or outdoors.

The basic pouch design appeals to me.

This kit is simple yet efficient, and it does what it promises. The pouch may store a small container of CLP as well as a few other cleaning supplies. 

It also includes a lovely tiny clear plastic container for storing your CLP, and only the AR can use the bronze brush, an AR package. It measures 8.4′′ by 5.4′′ and weighs less than a kilogram.

It comes with everything you’ll need for. A five-section cleaning rod, patching, and brushes are included with the 223/5.56 kit.

You can’t expect much for the cheap cost. This package is not intended to be a complete cleaning kit for your AR; rather, it should be used as a secondary or fallback cleaning kit. 

I’d recommend the Otis kit because the brushes aren’t the greatest and the company isn’t well-known. Rather, you don’t want to take a chance.

How to Clean AR-15

how to clean ar-15

It’s difficult to pick the best AR-15 cleaning kit. The Real Avid gun cleaning packages are excellent, and the Otis is a compact cleaning package for the AR.

If you want to put your equipment together manually, you’ll spend approximately twice as much money, but it’ll be a lot of fun. 

I’ve done this a few times in the hopes of saving money by not using a kit, but this is rarely the case.

Buying a readymade kit is good for folks who don’t fire their weapons very often or aren’t concerned with cleaning efficiency. 

Building in your equipment, on the other hand, is a preferable alternative for gun enthusiasts who use their firearms daily.

The AR-15 gun rugs have a schematic of each part, which is helpful for newcomers who are inexperienced with their weaponry and explains how to clean each piece. 

Even if there is a graphic, you should read the handbook thoroughly to ensure that you understand what you’re doing.

If you’re dismantling and reconstructing the gun as a portion of the cleaning procedure, be sure it’s correctly operating once you’re done. 

Before storing the gun, it’s a good idea to test the triggers and other mechanical components.

While washing your AR, one more thing to remember is to wash the cylinder and bore from the rear to the front. This ensures that any residual shaken loose will fly out the top of the barrel as debris.

Take into account that using a gun cleaning vise to lock your AR while washing it is a good idea. This will keep the rifling from being damaged. 

When cleaning an AR, it’s quite possible to damage the cap and barrel if it’s not properly held, which is why a gun grip is almost required.

A decent carbon removal tool, such as the Combat Specialty Tools barrel peeling tool, is one of the greatest purchases you can take with your AR. 

This would save you a lot of time because completely cleaning your AR of all dust buildup is extremely difficult.

You shouldn’t have to clean your AR as frequently as you would most other rifles, and it may simply require thorough cleaning with a barrel snake and your preferred tool.

However, when a lot of muck starts to build up, you would like to complete a comprehensive clean with your equipment now and then. 

In general, however, the AR is less susceptible to thorough cleaning and should not be cleaned frequently.

What is Fouling has to do with AR Rifle Cleaning?

The majority of bullets have a lead core encased in a copper jacket. The shotgun rounds are composed of plastic if you’re firing a shotgun.

When your rounds leave the chamber, the substance they are constructed of leaves behind some trace. Fouling is the term for this waste and perhaps the act of leaving it behind. 

All these forms of residue accumulate in the barrel of your pistol over time and can compromise its dependability. A completely messed up pistol may cause everything from malfunctioning to barrel breakage.

One sort of fouling, in particular, is quite unpleasant. This fouling is caused by any ammo that has salt in the primer. 

Because black powder firearms and almost all Berdan-primed ammo include a lot of salt, extremely corrosive fouling is prevalent.

Salt, as you may expect, is incredibly corrosive to your firearm. Whenever you go out shooting with a gun that uses salt-based ammo, make sure you clean it.

To learn more about the gun cleaning factor, move on to the FAQs section, where you will find some of your queries answered by us. 


How often should I clean my AR?

Cleaning your rifle after 250 shots is a decent rule of thumb. However, you should watch particulate buildup. 

The greater the accumulation, the greater the risk of corrosion and wear. If you see any corrosion, you should clean your rifle more often.


A standard gun cleaning kit may lack the bristles and other tools required to clean an AR. 

While a general gun cleaning kit is always an option, investing in a customized AR cleaning package for your rifle will guarantee that it remains dependable, accurate, and long-lasting.

When it comes to purchasing a new gun cleaning equipment for your AR or other strategic rifles, you just require the items that will be most useful to you.

Cleaning rags, all the poles and brushes you’ll require for your main rifle, and an easy-to-carry container for maintaining your weapon when out in the woods should be included at the very least. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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