Top 12 Best Gun Cleaning Kit (Updated on May 2024)

Let’s take a look at the Best gun cleaning kit in this article.

Proper maintenance of a firearm is among the most crucial parts of gun possession, aside from caution, security, and protection. 

Each time we fire our firearm, residue such as lead, carbon, and copper is deposited within the barrel. 

An unclean pistol can be deadly, specifically if kept untreated for long. Keeping proper gun cleaning equipment accessible at all times is essential.

Hundreds of weapon cleansing supplies, ranging from specialist rifle and pistol solutions to comprehensive cleaning alternatives with a bewildering array of attachments, are available. 

So how can we determine which gun cleaning components are ideal for us? 

Here in this article, we have compiled a list best gun cleaning kits on the market to handle your whole rifle, shotgun, and handgun inventory so that you can devote more time shooting and less energy looking for them.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit 2024

#1 FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal

FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit Universal

Is there a low-cost solution with all the necessary capabilities to clean our complete gun set?

Then FireGear is the best gun cleaning kit on the market.

The FIREGEAR Universal Gun Cleaning Kit comes with a hunter-green rigid plastic organizing and carrying container, similar to that of a socket wrench, to preserve your components nice and orderly. 

This versatile cleansing package includes cleaning components for shotguns, rifles, and pistols in the most popular calibers. 

This excellent set contains 14 robust and sturdy brass rods, nine mops, 12 spear-pointed brushes, a black powder jag, four slotted patch loops, three utility brushes, three muzzle guards, three equipment adapters, 50 cleaning patches, and four buffing rags.

firegear kit parts
FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit 2 bottles

#2 GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE is the best Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is one of the most popular cleansing products on the Online Store. 

The low price may have a lot to do with it. However, do not dismiss this low-cost kit because of its low cost; it has approximately 5,000 ratings and 900 pieces of feedback to back it up.

GloryFIRE gun cleaning kit comprises phosphor bronze bore cleaners, brass jags, two sets of bronze slotted ends, a nylon bristle, a metal pistol cleaning pick, and 100 cleaning covers, which we found surprising. 

One item lacking is a cleaning liquid, but one can get everything we require by pairing this with Hoppe’s No. 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Kit.

#3 Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Cleaning System

Otis Technologies FG-1000 Elite Cleaning System

The Otis Elite Cleaning Kit method is designed for millions of gun owners who possess many firearms with a system compatible with pistols and rifles ranging in caliber from .17 to .50 calibers and all standard shotgun gauges. 

This is the best rifle cleaning kit that works great on inline muzzleloaders as well. From the front sight to the recoil pad, it is a professional gun cleaning kit that includes practically all you’ll require to keep your weapons pristine. 

Of course, any responsible gun owner should have one of these top biometric gun safes on the market. 

Multiple selections, double-ended bristles, cotton swabs, copper jags, and bronze brushes are included in the Otis Kit. It also comes with lens wipes and cleaners to keep your vision clear. 

Any prints or oils on your hands will be wiped away with the microfiber polished surface. There’s even an adapter component that lets you attach other manufacturers’ caliber pieces to the Otis poles. 

If that isn’t considerate, we don’t know what is. You’ll also get a high-quality copper rod with various bore brushes to ensure that every particle is removed. 

The cleaning rod’s roller bearing swivel is a nice addition. Remember to pick one of these dependable gun belts from our list as well. This zipped case keeps everything in order and is simple to transport. 

A microfiber pistol cloth keeps the outside clean and shining, so you can look your best at the range this weekend.

#4 Raiseek Gun Cleaning Kit Rifle Pistol Shotgun Universal Cleaning Kit

Raiseek Gun Cleaning Kit

This is a wonderful alternative if you’ve recently added a new caliber to your gun collection.

Best multi caliber gun Cleaning Kit from Raiseek allow you to add the perfect caliber for your most recent buy. 

Cleansing patches, a polyamide all-purpose washing brush, a brass penetrate point jag, and a 5-ounce container of Raiseek’s Choice FP-10 Elite lubrication are included in each package. 

Everything is kept safe and organized in a sturdy plastic container that you can easily store in your home safely.

Even if you’re touring, the tiny, zipped case will keep your belongings organized.

The curved grip that connects to the ramrods provides a better grasp for cleaning it properly. There is a lot of additional room behind the storage trays. 

Certainly, 65 pieces seem like a lot, and it is, but you’ll add as much to your kit as time goes on. 

Fortunately, everything will fit inside this ammunition can. It may be kept on your workbench at home, in your vehicle’s rear, or as a dedicated ranging kit.

This kit may contain more than you require due to the range of components included. You may discover that you never use certain calibers of ammunition. 

If that’s the situation, this cleaning kit is unnecessary, and you should hunt for something more specialist. Alternatively, a universal kit with fewer possibilities would suffice. That isn’t a problem at all.

#5 Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you’re looking for your first pistol cleaning kit, the variety of alternatives might be intimidating. 

Popular brands include Otis, Gloryfire, Outers, Boosteady, and Hoppes, with the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit being my top selection for the finest gun cleaning kit for amateurs. 

The Marksman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit has everything you’ll need to clean your firearms, as well as a few extras you probably didn’t realize you needed.

Rods, cleaners, mops, hooks, patches, and similar items are available.

It’s all in one place. Some pistol cleaning kits come in flimsy packaging with no storage options. 

Worse, some are packaged in so-called storage units that disintegrate after only a few uses. 

This isn’t the situation here. “A place for just about everything, and everything in its position,” says Marksman, and this set includes a fitted, durable plastic box.

This kit is ideal for both pistols and long guns since it includes a variety of rods that fit together for various barrel lengths (as well as two handles). 

It also includes 14 different bore wipes and 9 different bore mops to cover a wide range of calibers. 

A decent hand brush is an often-overlooked item, and this package includes three of them, each with a distinct bristle type.

The only drawback is that it lacks a cleaning solution and gun oil. In some ways, this is a wonderful thing because everybody has their own personal favorite. 

The two provided bottles for storing lesser amounts of the solution and oil of your choice are a wonderful touch.

Top 3 Best Muzzleloader Gun Cleaning Kit 2024

#6 Thompson Center T17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

Thompson Center T17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

Thompson Center Arms is a Massachusetts-based American weapons manufacturer. They are renowned for their changeable barrel rifles and muzzleloaders, founded in 1965. 

They were privately held for 40 years before being purchased by Smith & Wesson in 2007. It’s no wonder that they’d come out with their own cleaning kit for muzzleloaders. 

However, this kit may be used with the other muzzleloaders, but it was created specifically for the TC weapons.

#7 Kleenbore Gun Care Universal Muzzleloading Kit

Kleenbore Gun Care Universal Muzzleloading Kit

Thompson Center Arms is a Massachusetts-based American weapons manufacturer.

They are renowned for their changeable barrel rifles and muzzleloaders, founded in 1965. 

They were privately held for 40 years before being purchased by Smith & Wesson in 2007.

It’s no wonder that they’d come out with their own cleaning kit for muzzleloaders. 

However, this kit may be used with the other muzzleloaders, but it was created specifically for the TC weapons.

It’s among the best in the industry, with its own compartment within the rifle cleaning box. Everything you’ll need to clean your muzzleloader is included in this package. 

It’s ideal for the one or two times a year you’ll need to wash your muzzleloader. This set will last you over several seasons. Finally, this kit comes with all you need at a terrific price.

#8 CVA Muzzleloading Deluxe Cleaning Kit

CVA Muzzleloading Deluxe Cleaning Kit

CVA began manufacturing classic side-lock muzzleloading guns and DIY rifle kits in 1975.

They immediately established a reputation for producing durable muzzleloaders. 

CVA has indeed been able to make breakthroughs in making precise barrels and parts due to their expansion and growth.

The CVA deluxe cleaning kit is suitable for muzzleloading rifles in the calibers.45 and.50.

The kit is ideal for cleaning at home and carrying to the range for checking in your weapon. 


It comes with everything you’ll need to clean a muzzleloader. Most importantly, we like the inclusion of two caliber sizes.

The.45 cal is included in most universal cleaning packages, but having both in one box makes things more organized. 

Its muzzleloader-specific chemicals, along with numerous caliber brushes, guarantee that the breach does not freeze up.

4 Best 9mm Gun Cleaning Kits 2024

#9 Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

This is the best hand gun cleaning kit was the first cleaning kit we tried. The kit is contained in a zipped bag made of a robust nylon shell, which will protect the complete gear from heavy rain and intense heat.

Furthermore, it is convenient to transport because it comes in a little bag with all the materials neatly packed in the inner parts tray.

The kit’s parts are kept in place thanks to the slotted tray. You may also clean your .22 ,.40, and .45 caliber pistols in addition to the 9mm. 

It is also oil-resistant, ensuring that the kit’s quality is maintained after washing. 

A two-section handgun cleaning rod with a rotating tip is included in the set. This tip is then linked to a T-handle to extend the reach.

For simple cleaning, the cleaning rod rises to 9 inches. It also includes a handgun comb and a jag, in addition to the cleaning rod. 

A bright bronze brush and a crimson nylon jag are suitable with most weapons, allowing for a wide range of applications.

There are also two long-lasting black nylon notched tips included. The gun cleaning patch provided in the package can be used during the solvent stage. On this cleaning kit, there are 50 cleaning patches.

#10 M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit Clam

M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit Clam

This tactical Cleaning Kit is yet another cleaning kit we’ve used. Your cleaning equipment is included in a plastic carrying bag for easy travel. It may also be locked to keep the contents of your kit safe. 

While it is meant to clean a 9mm handgun, it can also be used to clean .38, .380, .357, and. 35 calibers, allowing you to maintain a variety of pistols.

This package includes a multipurpose nylon brush to aid in the removal of debris from your 9mm. 

You may also use the lint-free microfiber cleaning that comes with the package to dry your pistol after cleaning. 

Whereas the kit appears to be lacking, it contains robust materials ideal for cleaning weapons while on the road.

#11 UTG 9mm Cleaning Kit

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

This best 9mm pistol Cleaning Kit will be the next kit we tested, and it includes a carrying polymer container for easy cleaning storage and transit. It also has an inside clam and cushioning to keep all of your belongings safe.

Each element of the kit is built to withstand the test of time and provide maximum strength and durability. Furthermore, each component was well-designed to operate at its highest level.

The thread on the cleaning rod is constructed of copper alloy and has a tight tolerance.

A copper patching loop is also included to guarantee that the hole can be cleaned easily and completely. 

It also includes three brushes, each made of a different substance. The first is constructed of metal, the second is a cotton mop, and the third is nylon.

This enables you to have a thin brush that may be used for various purposes

#12 Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit

This Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod was one of the better things that came out of this analysis. Unlike the others on our list, this cleaning kit is maintained in a box instead of a clamshell. 

Furthermore, it includes every cleaning component I’ll need to completely clean my 9mm. This cleaning package was inexpensive and dependable, which added to my enjoyment. To begin, 

it includes an aluminum cleaning rod with its own rod end attachments. A cleaning tool, a knob tip, and a slotted end are all included.


How often should I clean my gun?

Most gun enthusiasts will advise you that you must clean your pistol after each range session. While this is a nice program to follow, it doesn’t always need to be done regularly.

The regularity with maintaining your weapons varies based on several things. 

The type of ammo you use is the most important issue here. Yes, you should clean your handgun after each firing session if you’re using Berdan primed ammo.

Berdan primed ammo is widely available at surplus military outlets. It is the most simply made sort of ammunition, and it is the most caustic, and it generally contains a significant amount of salt, which quickly builds up in your gun.

If you only go to the shooting range once or twice per week using Boxer-primed ammo, you can usually get away with washing once or twice per month. 

If you’re a regular shooter, you’ll want to tweak your routine a little. For the more regular shooter, once every several days or so. Then there are the many environmental aspects to consider. 

Heavy winds may blow debris into your rifle, mud can get into your chamber or over the trigger mechanism, and water is one of the most dangerous hazards since it promotes rust formation.

It’s best if you clean your guns regularly. But, in general, pay attention to the environment your handgun is exposed to, the ammo you’re loading, the caliber, and how often you’re shooting it. 

By paying attention to these three elements, you ought to be able to simply figure out the best cleaning plan to follow.

If you are a frequent shooter, we recommend cleaning your pistol at least once or twice per week.

Is there a single gun cleaning kit that works for all guns?

Some do, while others do not. If a gun cleaning kit says “universal,” it should include all of the equipment you need to clean all of your weapons, assuming they aren’t specialty makes or models.

Is it necessary to clean your rifle after each shot?

Certainly not. Yes, wipe your gun every session if you’re a neat freak or seldom shoot (once a month or less). Even a little rust can ruin your pistol if left neglected for a few months. 

If you fire your pistol frequently (at least once or twice a week), you won’t need to wash it every time; simply wipe it up with a clean towel to keep your palm oils off the outside. 

Set time aside once a week to thoroughly inspect your firearms, and you’ll be OK.

What happens if your pistol isn’t cleaned?

If you don’t maintain your gun properly, it will rust over time, causing it to stop working. 

Rust can cause the steel parts of your gun to rust, trapping the firing parts in place or destroying the bores inside the cylinder.

Do brand-new guns need oil?

it isn’t. Fresh firearms have only been fired once and are made entirely of new materials. 

Go ahead and wash the oil off your palms or brush a clean cloth patch across the barrel. It is not, however, required before filming.

How often should your gun be cleaned?

If you only shoot once a week or less, you must clean your gun each time you use it. If your gun is left unchecked for a lengthy period, even little rust might cause harm. 

If you’re a regular shooter, you shouldn’t have to clean your gun every time; simply wipe it up with a clean towel to keep your palm oils off the outside. 

Set aside some time once a month or after the hunting season to thoroughly inspect your firearms, and you’ll be OK. Clean your pistol more frequently if you’re firing in contests or dirty situations.


One of the most critical tools a gun owner should have is the best gun cleaning kit. 

Sure, you’ll need ammo, sights, and holsters, but if your pistol is a shambles, you’ll have a difficult time on the range and, maybe, in the field.

You could put together a cleaning kit from scratch, brushes, rods, patches, and oxidizing agents. It’d work fine, but possessing a pre-assembled kit is much easier and more efficient. 

You won’t be worried about bristles and rods not working together or having the incorrect equipment for the job. 

There are a variety of gun cleaning kits to select from. While they’re all excellent, they’re not all created equal, which isn’t necessarily bad because various kits serve different functions. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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