Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Solvents in 2024 (Updated: Jul)

Considering we run a website about cleansing firearms and gun maintenance kits, we get a lot of questions about the best gun cleaning Solvents. 

So we polled some of the area’s best shooters and gunsmiths to find out which ones they prefer. You’ll need to purchase gun cleaning solvent independently since most cleaning supplies kits don’t contain it.

There are a few features to consider while purchasing weapon cleaning agents. You’ll just need a little bit of CLP when you’re only planning to put a bore snake down and clear up. 

In contrast, a comprehensive cleansing will involve applying a range of oils and solvents. Here, we have a list of the best gun cleaning solvents for you.

5 Best Gun Cleaning Solvents

Hoppes 9 Elite min

It would be negligent not to put Hoppe’s No. 9 on our list as Amazon’s #1 Pick for the best gun cleaner lubrication for weapons. 

Including a child, the safety cover is among the first characteristics you’ll observe. As a young dad, I can attest that this itself is a compelling factor.

This firearm cleaning lubricant is a fantastic item, apart from the child safety cover.

This, combined with Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner, is among the most prevalent CLP combinations we’ve come across. 

Hoppe’s has created a vast array of firearm maintenance solutions throughout the years. They’ve gained their reputation as one of the best reputable brands in the market.

The fact that it is a synthetic CLP is among the things that make this gun maintenance lubricant so appealing. 

Though many individuals swear by non-synthetic CLPs, this combination is clearly among the most efficient in the industry.

Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner min

Hoppe’s is regarded as the finest bore cleaner in the field. Hoppe’s No. 9 is one of the best-selling bore cleaners in the industry because it is the most extensively utilized extractor of powder, lead, metal debris, and rust. 

They’ve remained in business for half a century and have bore solvent production refined to a discipline.

Using this bore cleaner in conjunction with a CLP is one of the most preferred procedures for cleansing weapons. 

Some other prevalent way is to simply use this solution and skip the CLP entirely; however, purists usually have mixed feelings about the usefulness of this procedure.

I’ve been applying Hoppe’s No. 9 after practicing trap for ages and consider it among the greatest bore cleaners in the industry compared to other CLPs.

Most people who use Hoppe’s bore cleaning merely use a bore snake. Bore snakes aren’t usually included in cleaning supplies kits, but they’re necessary for efficiently cleaning a rifle. 

After every shooting trip, utilize a bore snake with a dribble of Hoppe’s bore cleaning. It simply takes a couple of seconds and is usually described as a “quick clean.”

Lucas Extreme Duty min

While you’re practical shooting targets at the firing range, that’s one point; however, scent management is crucial once it comes to wildlife shooting. 

So this is why experts use Lucas Gun Oil, an odorless CLP intended to keep larger caliber rifles from clogging and heating.

Just a few droplets on the bolt of any handgun, long rifle, or AR, and users are ready to go. Users won’t require a lot, and it’ll sustain for quite a long period, just like typical CLPs.

This is a fantastic, low-cost solution for firearm owners. Nevertheless, remember that this is not a CLP. Users must only use it to lubricate their firearms once they have cleaned them with regular CLP.

Because this is merely a lubricant, several shooters prefer to clean their weapons with Hoppe’s No 9 gun cleaner before lubricating them with Lucas Gun Oil.

Hoppes HBC6 black Bore Cleaning Solvent Liquid min

It’s only logical to inquire about the finest gun cleaning oil while you’re inquiring about the best gun cleaning solvents. 

Many competitive shooters raved about the HBC6 and its wonders with the HBC6 bore snake. 

After using their oil and protection on our handguns for several years, I was impressed with their versatility to work in various climatic circumstances. 

Another element we observed is that the container’s appearance isn’t particularly appealing. 

When the container isn’t stored correctly, it leaks over our pistol cleansing equipment. Admittedly, this was not a pleasant experience.

Although several have suggested just tightening the lid, I am not convinced. The HBC6 is an excellent gun oil; it should be kept at a residence on the workstation.

CCS Lucas Oil min

It has been a competition for the best weapon cleanup sprays between Break Free and CCS Lucas. 

Over more than a hundred years ago, the CCS Lucas multifunctional spray gun cleaning was created for the German military.

German researchers and scientists set out to create a comprehensive gun cleaning method used on any firearm. 

Ballistol might well be the best gun cleaning solution ever devised, given that Germans are acknowledged to have some of the finest technicians in the industry.

From its debut, shooting sportsmen worldwide have been employing this mixture, and several swear that it is the finest firearm cleaning spray. 

CCS Lucas has indeed been documented to cleanse weapons and blades, footwear, packs, motors, and various other items. It’s a multi-purpose gun maintenance solution.

CCS Lucas gun cleansing spray containers have been spotted throughout the shooting club. Unlike several other gun cleaning sprays, it is engineered to be non-toxic and has a pleasing odor.

3 Best Gun Cleaning Spray

#1. Break-Free – Best Gun Cleaner Spray

BREAK FREE CLP 2 Cleaner min

Users understand it’s properly crafted when the US Army chooses to cleanse all firearms, handguns, and even tanks. 

The Break Free CLP has proven to be among the greatest preferred options amongst shooting lovers throughout the generations. As readers can see, practically all of the reviews have been good.

We’ve tested just about every gun cleanup spray all through the seasons. According to us, Break Free CLP is the finest gun cleansing aerosol spray in the industry.

Although it is also available in spray bottles, customers prefer Break Free CLP in aerosol form. With the small funnel at the end, we can focus on certain areas without wasting a lot of CLP.

One of the several main advantages of this CLP is extremely strong weather resistance. Thus, it can be used in almost any situation.

CLP by Sage min

As Sage & Braker titled their product, they understood what they wanted to achieve. CLP means Clean, Lube, and Protect, and exactly that’s what this solution delivers. 

I’m willing to wager that most of the community at our local shooting club employ this Sage & Braker solution if we inquire around.

Apart from smelling fantastic, it cleans really well. This solution has been said to shorten its time to clean a gun in half.

If you’re utilizing Sage & Braker CLP gun cleansing fluid, you’ll note that it definitely works with a bore snake. Are you looking for a thorough cleaning? You’ll be simply thrilled if you use it on brushes as well.

An impressive aspect of this solution is that it is intended to avoid gathering debris, as most other CLP solutions do. I’m not certain what they’re doing, but I can tell you that it’s apparent and effective.


If users ask someone about Slip2000, they would only say nice stuff about it. It’s admirable amongst users for performing well in adverse weather. 

I particularly use it on my Benelli Super Black Eagle III shotguns, even during a grouse month when the temps drop below zero.

Slip2000 is certified for extreme weather settings, so it’s the greatest choice if you’ll be traveling in extremely cold or hot environments. 

Because aerosol canisters are notorious for not performing properly in extreme temperatures, some CLPs are ruled out. These gun cleaning chemicals frequently gel, making it nearly hard to cleanse a pistol.

The Slip2000 also has the advantage of being compact enough to fit into many hard-shell weapon bags. 

Several members of our trap group carry a container in their weapon bags all year if we need to lubricate our guns quickly.

Best Gun Cleaning Solvents: How to Choose?

It is difficult to choose a suitable pistol cleaning solution. There are merely so many alternatives and varieties out there that it might be difficult to tell the two apart.

Ultimately, our top ten list addresses the majority of your concerns and assists you in making sound purchasing judgments. 

Although a container of gun cleaning agents won’t set you back much, the $1,200 gun you’re lubricating will. If you maintain it tidy, you’ll be able to pass it forward to our children in perfect condition.

Following are just a few additional cleaning techniques to incorporate into our ritual:

Secure Your Firearm

While maintaining your pistol, verify to ensure it’s safe and secure or there and that it won’t fall out of your grasp or off the work table. Using a gun cradle to tighten it is a good idea.

Designers understand that this may appear to be a bit excessive, but the last thing users desire to do is damage their weapon’s finish by just wiping it. 

Save the marks and scrapes from stumbling and floundering during a cleansing session for tales in the outdoors.

Another great practice is to use a good gun cleaning mat.

It will safeguard the surfaces and prevent them from transmitting the gun cleaning solutions to any following project by mistake. 

There’s nothing unpleasant than getting CLP all over the place and not knowing where it came from. If you’re not certain which cleansing mat is ideal for you, have a look at our top picks.

Owning a dedicated maintenance platform for the pistol can prevent you from getting this. This leads us to the following point:

For the Love of God, Don’t Let Them Leak!

A spilled container of gun cleansing solution or lubrication may easily destroy a weapon container, table, or anything else we can think of. 

We attempt to warn you certain containers to be cautious of, but always double-check that the CLP cap is securely fastened. It’s also a smart option to store containers right-side-up.

Finding some nice tiny containers that won’t spill is another wonderful suggestion (particularly for commuting). Users can fill these containers with gun cleaning solutions and keep them in their gun cleaning kit

Simply make certain every container is properly labeled so that you know what’s inside!

Know Your Climate

Whether you’re heading on a shooting trip abroad, or you’re probably not going to get gear that functions well in the winter. 

You’ll be in the greatest potential situation for accomplishment if you know what type of climate you’ll be shooting in and prepare adequately.

Most of those gun cleaning solutions we mentioned have been confirmed to function effectively in adverse weather conditions, but you should still double-check. 

At various temperatures and circumstances, some solutions have a capacity.

Different Solvents for Different Guns

A few of the solutions, as I indicated before, are being engineered to function well with high-caliber rifles and even automatic weapons. 

You may opt for a specific CLP for your AR or handgun with this in consideration. 

That particular CLP, on the other hand, may not be the greatest choice for the black powder muzzleloaders, which you’ll only use once during firearms hunting season. 

Realizing which pistol cleaning solution to use in each situation will save you a lot of time and effort.


1. Why are Gun Cleaning Solvents so Important?

So at the moment, you bought every one of your firearms, it was most certainly a considerable transaction for you. Several shooters put off purchasing a particular type and style of a firearm for extended periods.

Users would surely like to safeguard that rifle from the surroundings and keep it in good working order for the coming years.

2. Which is the best gun cleaning solvent in the market?

Hoppe’s HBC6 black Bore Cleaning Solvent.


Hope you learned about the best gun cleaning solvents and spray in this article.

It might be frustrating to discover the author never chose their favorite. 

Researchers weren’t going to allow that to transpire here.

After surveying a professional shooting crew, the answers were nearly unambiguous. 

Hoppe’s Bore Cleaner was the clear favorite of nearly all of our users. 

They’d been employing it for decades and couldn’t think of anything superior. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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