Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Rods in Feb 2024

Let’s see the list of best gun cleaning rods in this article.

The inferior grade of the cleaning rods that comes with several firearm cleaning kits is often the root of client grievances. A 32” one-piece carbon fiber cleanup rod will certainly not fit into an 8” container. 

This is why conventional gun cleaning kits have three-piece cleaning rods, which numerous consumers dislike because they bend and break easily.

The gun cleanup rod is, without a doubt, the most crucial component of every weapon cleanup package. 

As a result, you’ll desire to clean the guns with the finest gun cleanup rod users can find. 

While examining nearly every weapon cleaning kit on the shelf, we discovered that several rods were of a poor standard, with several reports of them folding or snapping.

So we came up with the list of best gun cleaning rods in this article.

5 Best Gun Cleaning Rods

#1 Tipton 1-Piece Deluxe Cleaning Rods

Tipton 1-Piece Deluxe Cleaning Rods

Tipton cleaning rods are the best gun cleaning rod for rifles and shotguns. 

Numerous firearm owners have adopted their one-piece carbon fiber model, and several of the individuals I know hold all five versions.

The three-piece cleanup rods, which come with several pistol cleanup kits, just aren’t up to the task. 

They are provided since they are accommodated in the compact container and must incorporate a cleanup rod. 

If you want to cleanse your weapons frequently, you’ll want to invest in a nice one-piece carbon fiber cleanup rod.

Several individuals recommend that if you can’t purchase ammo or a gun, you at least invest in a cleaning supplies package and a quality cleaning rod. 

It’s critical to maintain your weapon in perfect functioning order. A decent gun bore handbook is another item we recommend adding to that list because it makes cleaning your weapon simpler and provides protection to any bolt firearm.

The bore guide kit is among the finest purchases users can make if they employ Tipton cleaning rods. 

Essentially, it lets you eliminate searching the compartment for the bore. Place the bore guide on, and the cleanup rod will be precisely aligned.

The bore guide is ideal for use with shotgun cleanup rods, which are longer. It is amongst the simplest ways to ensure that users do not harm their rifling while maintaining the weapons.

#2 OUTERS Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun 41616 Brass 3-Piece Rifle Cleaning Rods 8-32 Thread

OUTERS Cleaning Rods

Several readers have inquired about the best non-carbon fiber cleaning rod, so we decided to add one to this article. 

Since stainless steel appears to be the greatest selection because it will sustain the fewest degree of harm from being rammed into the bore continuously.

OUTERS also produces a high-quality product.

Whenever users pass stainless steel through the barrel, it is polished and bends.

It’s best to employ a bore guide alongside this one to prevent damaging the inside barrel. 

Except for carbon fiber cleansers, the micro-polishing helps the rod go into the barrel more effortlessly. 

Its layer won’t peel off, and it’ll remain for a prolonged duration. This is, without a doubt, one of the best non-carbon fiber cleaning rods available. It is also one of the best pistol cleaning rod and best Shortgun cleaning rod.

#3 Hoppe’s Bench Rest Stainless Steel 1-Piece Universal Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Rod

hoppes bench rest stainless steel

Hoppe’s carbon fiber cleanup rod has the same value as the others seem to have, and it also has a similar design. 

Although the other manufacturers appear to specialize in micro weapon equipment like cleaning rods, Hoppes is a one-stop shop for all things firearms.

The traction on this cleanup rod amazed us after we tried it out. Frankly, I enjoy the grip, and the round ball at the tip makes it quite comfortable to grasp. 

Despite numerous plastic handles on the market, the handle is made of soft rubber that won’t irritate your palm and can withstand a bashing. 

Altogether, it’s one of my favorite carbon fiber cleanup rods, and I’m surprised it hasn’t received more attention. 

The gun cleanup rod’s normal thread size is 8/32, and it’s entirely convertible with all alternative brush heads. 

Fantastic tool for just any shotgun or rifle, and it works perfectly with 12 gauge and.22 LR cartridges. It also includes an aluminum big caliber adapter and three plastic eye connectors.

In 1903, Frank August Hoppe combined nine chemicals to create the world’s finest proficient pistol cleanser. 

Following that, Hoppe’s technology has advanced and evolved, and the company has grown to be one of the most respected gun maintenance firms. This one is recommended because of its low price and high-quality goods. This is one of the best AR-15 cleaning rod in the market.

#4 Raiseek Gun Cleaning Rod One Piece Carbon Fiber 36 Inch, Pistol Rifle Cleaning Rod

Raiseek Gun Cleaning Rod One Piece Carbon Fiber 36 Inch, Pistol Rifle Cleaning Rod

The Raiseek gun cleaning rod is available in three separate diameters and measures 36 inches in length. 

The 4mm diameter rod is suitable for cleaning.17 Cal guns with a thread range of 5-40.

The rod with a diameter of 5mm is ideal for 0.8-32 common size thread for 22-.26 caliber rifles and pistols. 

The final 6mm dia. rod is suitable for cleaning rifles and firearms in the 27-.45 caliber range having an 8-32 thread size.

Altogether, the carbon fiber substance makes it sturdy; it can be twisted to extremes and returned to its initial form, and the tip will not fall down.

It’s effective for all forms of barrel cleaning, and it’s a good idea to acquire it because of the high-quality finish.

One of several highest-quality imports is the Raiseek Carbon Fibre One Piece Gun Cleaning Rod. Despite various imports that are identical, I chose the Raiseek due to the service quality.

There are no discernible differences in quality between this rod and the best national models on closer inspection. With only a few tiny modifications, it functions quite as well.

The one and only visual distinction is the grip configuration made of high-quality materials.

Even though it’s a question of taste, the Hoppe’s and Tipton rods have a superior touch in the fingers. There are no openings in the Raiseek’s grip for hooking, which is a characteristic that it lacks.

#5 GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Rod Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Rod Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

A three-piece cleaning rod was the last type of firearm cleanup rod we decided to include on our list. 

Several individuals dislike these since they are more prone to bending and breaking than carbon rods, but anyway, it also has some good features. 

It fits nicely into the firearm cleaning supplies and will not fold or snap if handled gently.

Because brass is a milder metal than other metals, it will cause less harm to a barrel if users make a mistake.

Compared to aluminum cleaning rods, brass cleaning rods are significantly tougher and will not break as quickly; however, they may curve.

Although not as strong as carbon fiber cleanup rods, there are no 3-piece carbon fiber rods available for unknown reasons.

Eating stainless or brass is the succeeding superior product users can choose. The brass has a good look, and the hand is an additional feature that we enjoy. 

Altogether, this is one of the better three-piece cleanup rods available, and I’m not sure why others aren’t constructed of brass.

Buying Guide to Select Best Gun Cleaning Rods

A pistol cleaning rod is just as crucial as cleaning liquids or cotton patching for firearms cleaning supplies.

Although there aren’t several aspects that impact the purchase decisions, there are a few things to consider while selecting a gun cleaning rod. 

We’ll go over certain variables users should think about if they want to purchase the perfect gun cleaning rod for their weapon.

Number of Pieces

While determining which rifle cleaning rod to purchase, the amount of components of the rod also matters. 

Single cleaning rods are a wonderful option for cleaning bores or larger firearms, and they perform admirably. Single cleaning rods aren’t good if the gun bores are narrow.

3-piece rods, on the contrary side, are suitable for all types of bores. Such rods are extremely easy to store and might very well be placed nearly anywhere because they could be disassembled.

Choose the three-piece cleaning rod if users want a convenient and robust cleaning rod. If users desire a rod with no bending or vulnerable places, go with a single-piece cleaning rod.


While purchasing a weapon cleaning rod, one of several factors to evaluate is its composition.

Brass is a frequent material for weapon cleaning rods. Due to the metal’s brittleness, brass jags can bend or break when cleaning. 

On the other hand, brass is an excellent alternative for a smooth cleaning session because it will not harm the gun’s barrel. Aluminum is yet another common element utilized in firearm cleaning rods. 

It is more resilient than brass and will most likely sustain longer. Such material will provide a pleasant, scratch-free encounter whenever it concerns cleaning.

However, finding an aluminum cleaning rod for clearing rifle bores or equivalent small-bore firearms might be problematic. When cleaning large bores, like shotguns, aluminum is the finest option.

Finally, when it comes to firearm cleaning rods, carbon fiber is the most perfect and finest substance. The carbon fiber cleaning rod will safeguard any weapon from all forms of breakage or abrasion.


The length of the cleaning rod is the final consideration while selecting a cleaning rod. 

A smaller rod will clearly not serve readers if they have a large firearm. As a result, users must determine the ideal rod length suitable with their handgun.


Are brass cleaning rods safe?

Metal or plastic-coated cleaning rods, such as the Dewey rods, are ideal. A rigid rod would never fold; a twisted rod will scratch against the rifle, and that’ll be the bottom of it. 

Brass and aluminum rods are the harshest since they’re soft, pick up abrasive debris, and twist irreversibly out of proportion.

What are gun cleaning rods made of?

Brass is a frequently used material for gun cleaning rods. Brass jags are prone to bending or breaking while cleaning because of the metal’s fragility. 

On the other hand, brass is an excellent alternative for a smooth cleaning session because it will not harm the weapon’s barrel.

What is the rod under an AK barrel?

A notch in the bottom handgrip of the military version AK-47 accepts a cleanup rod with a clasp to keep it in position beneath the forward sight block. 

Since the clearing rod is designed as a single piece with a big end, it can also remove trapped cases from the gun’s compartment.

Are Gun Cleaning Rods Universal?

Yes, This Hoppe’s gun cleaning rods is universal cleaning rods.


To thoroughly cleanse a weapon, you’ll need the best gun cleaning rod. Users should be aware that a weapon cleanup rod can harm the rifle’s barrel if they are not careful. 

As a result, even handgun trainers strongly suggest the global bore guide. It might be challenging, if not impossible, to place the cleaning rods exactly where they should go while cleaning various firearms.

The Tipton rods are used by most professional firearm owners I communicate with, and they adore them. It is available in several lengths, and people should look at them. 

The Tipton Universal bore guideline is used by most persons who use Tipton rods. The bore guideline was developed by Tipton and is compatible with various other cleaning rods. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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