Top 6 Best Gun Cleaning Patches in 2024 (Update:Jul)

Cleaning and maintaining weapons necessitates the use of cleaning patches. Bore cleaning without a patch is just not an alternative. 

Regularly cleaning your weapon is crucial for becoming a safe and responsible gun enthusiast. 

Therefore, cleaning patches are absolutely something you would want on board. Here you will find a list of the best gun cleaning patches for use.

What are Gun Cleaning Patches?

Gun Cleaning Patches

Cleaning a firearm is essentially the same if you’re trying to clean a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun. 

To loosen up all of the carbon clogging, lead, and copper accumulation, run a brush with some solution down the shaft first. A bore snake or a clean rod can be used for this.

When you’re using a cleaning pole with a patch receptacle or a brass jag, now is the time to connect your cleaning patches and run them through until they’re clean.

You won’t get as great of a clean with a bore snake, particularly if you’re cleaning numerous weapons, but you won’t need patches since the snake’s tail will operate in place of the patches.

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Gun Cleaning Patches: How it Works?

Cleaning patches for guns are very simple; however, they are necessary for cleaning.

When you’re using a cleansing rod or cable for a thorough cleaning, you’ll usually start with solvents on a patch that runs through the bore. 

A three-in-one product, such as a CLP or a specialist bore solvent, can be used.

After coating the patch with solvent or spraying it with CLP, place it in the patch holder or metal jag and run it through the barrel with the cleaning rod.

This uniformly distributes the solvent throughout the bore, loosening out all of the carbon clogging and other gunk inside your barrel. It’s time to start cleaning out the bore once you’ve applied the solution.

This is commonly done with metal, or luminous copper bore brushes that have been dipped in a little solvent or CLP to let them really get in there and clean a dirty bore, like on a well-used property or black powder weapon.

After you’ve cleaned a few rounds with the brush, run cleansing patches through until you have one that’s fully clean.

The black and grey carbon fouling on the light cleaning patch should be visible, so inspect it each time you pass a patch through and replace it with a new clean patch as required.

If you’re using linen cleaning patches, you must visually examine your bore with a light to ensure there aren’t chunks of cotton stuck in the rifling, but otherwise, you should be OK.

Furthermore, cleaning patches are essential for unloading and handloading, particularly when creating a custom load.

Carbon buildup in your barrel might cause inconclusive findings on the chronograph or at your impact point, so attempt to wash your pistol completely between various loads to build a proper test platform.

Some high-level snipers would even clean their pistol between every shot to ensure the most accurate results when creating a load.

Best Gun Cleaning Patches

Below is a list of the best gun cleaning patches in the market. We have tested them out and wrote everything on that basis. You can pick one according to your convenience. Let’s start with #1.

#1 1200 PCS Square Gun Cleaning Patches by PingMic

1200 PCS Square Gun Cleaning Patches

Of course, a collection of gun cleaning products would be incomplete without mentioning PINGMIC.

It’s the PINGMIC best Gun Cleaning Patches in this scenario.

These are perhaps the best artificial patches on the marketplace, and they’re a great deal. 

They’re still not as porous as cotton patches, but they’re thick enough that you wouldn’t distinguish the change unless you compared them side by side.

They work effectively with other PINGMIC products, as you might assume, and are a fantastic choice if you already have PINGMIC bore cleaning and gun oil on hand.

They’re also reasonably priced, and because they’re artificial, they won’t leave any fluff or lint behind.

#2 BOOSTEADY Professional Square Gun Cleaning Patches

BOOSTEADY Professional Square Gun Cleaning Patches

BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Patches are constructed of a long-lasting, soft, thick cloth that won’t make lint after usage. 

It’s a fast-absorbing patch that soaks off copper clogging, dirt, grime, and residual oil in record time.

It has a carbon box storage feature, making it easier to keep your rifle clean all year.

This cleaning patch isn’t composed of cotton and produces no lint.

 It may be a viable replacement for HOPPE’S Synthetic Cleaning Patches.

You won’t have to cut your old T-shirt to make this pistol cleaning patch because it comes pre-cut. It’s a rectangular patch that works with 30/.308/.270 calibers and 7.62 MM.

In a nutshell, it’s a great alternative to conventional patches for pistol cleaning. If you’re tired of other lint-producing cotton patches, these pistol cleaning patches are a great alternative.

#3 Nuanchu 500 Pieces Cleaning Patches and 200 Pieces 6 Inch Cleaning Swabs

Nuanchu 500 Pieces Cleaning Patches

Nuanchu is another well-known brand in gun maintenance and cleaning.

They manufacture several of my favorite items, including their All-Caliber Cleaning Patches, one of my favorites. 

These are the fixes that I have on hand at my home studio.

These patches are remarkable because they are precisely round and can be used in practically any caliber, especially anything less than a 12 gauge, effectively covering the consumer market.

They don’t need to be trimmed down, and you don’t have to think about buying several sizes or keeping things organized if you buy a bunch of them.

As a result, despite being the most costly, this is my personal favorite on the list.

#4 BoreSmith Triangle Patches

BoreSmith Triangle Patches

BoreSmith Triangle Patches are a good option for a gun cleaning patch that won’t get trapped within the bore. 

This patch’s triangular design aids in the removal of dust more effectively than another cleaning patching on the marketplace.

This wiping patch is 1.9 inches long on each side, making it lengthier than a 1-inch square edge.

Patches with 22 calibers. The best way to apply BoreSmith Triangle Patches is with a lengthy jag brush. This cleaning patch is made entirely of cotton flannel from the United States.

Its long side extends deeper down the jag, allowing it to contact the bore more easily. It clearly outperforms any rectangular side patches and cleans the bore as quickly as possible with the few patches.

In general, this is one of the best gun cleaning patches available. You can surely do that if you don’t want to use square-shaped cleaning patches.

#5 Allen Gun Cleaning Knit Cotton Patches

Allen Gun Cleaning Knit Cotton Patches

Allen Gun Cleaning Patches are more effective than artificial patches at cleaning the barrel. It’s constructed of knit cotton and works with calibers ranging from .17 to .22. 

Like other fabric-made cleaning covers, this knit cotton-produced gun cleaning patch does not leave lint or thread behind.

As a result, this patch might be a perfect alternative to patches made of cotton or synthetic materials. 

This patch may be the ideal solution for speedy cleaning since it has a greater capacity to absorb solvent and lubrication and clean the barrel faster than just about any other solution.

It comes pre-cut and in various pack sizes. It comes in packs of 25, 120, 400, and 500 counts. 

You can buy any bundle that meets your needs. In conclusion, this is an excellent patch. This might be a wonderful option for you if you really want a lint-free bore.

#6 Thompson Cleaning Patches

Thompson Cleaning Patches

When it relates to bore cleaning, Thompson Cleaning Patches perform admirably.

Its pre-saturated patches significantly reduce the amount of copper, dust, and debris in the barrel.

It features a 1-year limited warranty, despite its low price.

Because the price is so low, no one will want to switch to another product, even if they don’t like it.

Thompson Center made a significant contribution to the shooting business by manufacturing various goods. They’re now making gun cleaning patches that can handle a wide range of calibers and gauges.

Overall, for rapid cleaning, this is a wonderful gun cleaning patch. Thompson Cleaning Patches should be considered if you need a cleaning patch to wipe the barrel rapidly.

Few More choice

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HOPPE’S No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patch.22-.270 Caliber (500 Pack)

How to Use Gun Cleaning Patches

Since previously said gun cleaning patches are inexpensive and available in quantity, don’t be hesitant to purchase several, as you may require up to 20 cleaning patches.

Aside from their wiping capabilities, they are intended to be mounted on a circle or a jag. Why not look for a common stick? Because the patch may slip while cleaning the rifle, making it difficult to remove later.

A lengthy gun cleaning rod is also linked to the loop. Let’s use regular Otis gun cleaning patches to demonstrate how to tie gun cleaning patches on a loop. 

It’s better taught with diagrams on their webpage, but I’ll give it a shot. Pass a pin out of one patch’s holes, then grasp it from the edges and feed the cloth through it.

Videos Explaining How to Use Otis Cleaning Patches

Rough run

Take a tough start with a scrubby brush if the firearm cleaning wipes fail to clear some places on your pistol. 

The brush will be reattached to a pistol cleaning rod before being used to thoroughly clean the firearm with a powerful solvent. Don’t fail to dry with firearm cleaning patches when using the cleaning brushes again.

Gun Cleaning Patch Size Chart

gun cleaning patches Size chart

Gun Cleaning Patches Alternative

There are a few methods to create gun cleaning patches at home. it’s recommended to use gun cleaning patches made by professionals. If you look for a check and alternative way to make gun cleaning patches below the video explains in detail.


What is the finest material for cleaning patches?

There are several types of gun cleaning covers on the market, each composed of a different material. 

Synthetics, fabric, knit cotton, plaid cotton, wool, and other materials are the most common cleaning patches. All materials are fine, but they also have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

Synthetics are the ideal material for patching, in our opinion, because they don’t develop lint while cleaning the barrel. Synthetics have the drawback of being less absorbent than cotton.

Cotton is another common patch material, although it produces a lot of lint and thread. Cotton is a very absorbent material, and there are still certain cotton-made patches that create less lint.

Which Gun Cleaning cloth patch size should you get?

As previously stated, selecting the proper size gun cleaning patch is critical for achieving the desired amount of cleaning and lubrication.

If you pick a too tiny patch, you may not be able to get adequate contact with the bore when cleaning. 

However, if the patch is too big, it may be hard to slide through the hole and may even block the bore while cleaning.

As a general guideline, the caliber or gauge and thickness of the patches should correspond to the internal diameter of your prized rifle.


Cleaning patches are a crucial element of gun maintenance and cleaning that is sometimes disregarded. 

Without them, getting a genuinely thorough clean is extremely difficult, if not unattainable.

However, there are a variety of best gun cleaning patches available, and you should now be well-versed on how to select the finest gun cleaning patches. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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