(Top 5) Best Gun Cleaning Mops in Feb 2024

Let’s see the Best Gun Cleaning Mops in the market in this article.

We all love our guns whether we got them for security or pleasure. With a few exceptions, we can agree that shooting is the ultimate goal of having a gun. I say exceptions because some guns are purely for display. 

To shoot effectively, a gun must be well maintained. This means cleaning and oiling the barrel to ensure rust and dust don’t get the better of it.

Cleaning a gun involves quite a number of items among them mop brushes. These are the small fluffy mops that are fastened on the cleaning rod to scoop dust, apply solvent, or place oil in the barrel after cleaning. 

Today we’ll be discussing our top five picks for the best gun cleaning mops on the market. Here we go.

Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Mops

Tipton Bore Gun Mop Brush (Pack of 3)

Key Features

100% cotton, high quality, and ultra-absorbent

Can be reused multiple times


Easy to clean and store

Comes in all standard sizes

Tipton Bore Gun Mop Brush is a high-quality, ultra-absorbent gun mop brush made of 100% cotton. It carries loads of solvents, lubes, and preservatives where you need them without leaving any patches.

With Tipton Bore Gun Mop Brush, cleaning guns is quick and easy. The soft particles will never scratch your bore and chamber. Plus, they come in different sizes to fit different guns namely 6.5mm/338 caliber, 10/12 gauge, 16/20 gauge, 17 calibers, 22-25 caliber, 40-45 caliber, and 410 caliber. 

This is how the sizes match the guns;

  • Small Rifle Chamber Mops fit 22 Hornet, 222, 223, etc.
  • Large Rifle Chamber Mops fit 22-250, 308, 30-06, belted magnums, etc.
  • 17-20 caliber is 5-40 threaded
  • 22-50 caliber is 8-32 threaded
  • 10-28 gauge & 410 Bore are 5/16-27 threaded

When buying this and any gun cleaning mop, remember to factor in the compression. For instance, a 6.5mm will probably end up being 6.35mm.

Tipton Bore Gun Mop Brush is easy to clean and store. After you clean it, you can squeeze it dry and put it in a ziplock bag, or dip it in oil to keep it ready for the next use. And yes, you can use these multiple times especially if you do not use solvents and corrosive primers.

Perhaps the only thing you need to look out for is the tiny protruding wire at the tip of the mop. This appears to only be an issue when cleaning the chamber of a powder revolver because the wire prevents the mop from contacting the bottom of the chamber. 

#2 Birchwood Casey 380, 38/357 9mm Handgun Cotton Bore Mop: Best Gun Cleaning Mop

 Birchwood Casey 380, 38/357 9mm Handgun Cotton Bore Mop

Key Features

Sturdy Aluminium build

Great pricing

Super absorbent


Single size

This Birchwood Casey Handgun Cotton Bore Mop is excellent for removing bullet gunk from your handgun. It is a single 380, 38/357 9mm size and a perfect fit for 8-32 threads.

Birchwood Casey 380, 38/357 9mm handgun mop comes with a nice tight weave which means minimal shedding especially when solvent or lubricant is applied. It is super absorbent carrying ample liquid to every nook and cranny you need. You never have to worry about any scratches in your barrel; the cotton weave is very well layered. 

After you are done using this mop, simply clean it and squeeze it dry and use it again and again. It’s a sturdy aluminum mop which means the chances of breaking are minimal.

#3 MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore Cotton Mops: Best Gun Cleaning Mop

MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore Cotton Mops

Key Features

Made of aluminum and cotton

Amply absorbent

Durable can be used multiple times

No lint

Great pricing

Pack of five with labeling

MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore is the best cotton mop brush for thoroughly cleaning .22 caliber bores. This sturdy cotton and aluminum brush will perfectly fit most cleaning rods thanks to the standard 8-22 threads.

MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore generously absorbs solvents, lubes, and preservatives carrying them to wherever you need it. With ample cushioning, MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore cotton mop stands up well to chemicals like acetone. This means it remains fairly intact and practically lint-free. 

This is a pack of 5 cotton mop brushes with markings and numbers on the gun jag to indicate caliber or size. 

MaximalPower Gun Cleaning Bore is the perfect length to clean a fixed barrel pistol.

#4 MILITARIA .9mm-.357-.38-.380 Cotton Bore Mop: Best Gun Cleaning Mop

41JVF7UTC0L. AC SL1128

Key Features

Sturdy aluminum stud

Great pricing

Works well with harsh solvents

Industry-standard 8/32 threads

Well labeled

Perfect fit

This Militaria pack of 10 mops features .99mm-.357-.38-.380 well-labeled cotton bore mops. These amply cushioned cotton mops carry loads of solvent, oil, or applicants for cleaning any of the featured gun bore sizes. 

If you have been wondering what to use for a very harsh cleaner this is it. You can even use these for any other activities other than cleaning guns.

Militaria Cotton Bore Mops stand up well to any solvent even though after using harsh cleaners the life span is considerably reduced.

Every labeled bore mop is a perfect fit for most cleaning rods with 8/32 threads. 

For best results, use a compressor or pluck excess lint before use. This way you will avoid lint particles all over your barrel.

#5 Bore Baby 12 Gauge Bore Mop: Best Short Gun Cleaning Mop

71n9eN4S2rL. AC SL1500

Key Features

Made specifically for 12 gauge shotgun

Comes with a brass adapter

The pack includes 6 pieces

Well made and fluffy

Good price

Standard 8/32 threads  

Well labeled

This 6-pack of Bore Baby 12 Gauge Bore Mop Gun Cleaning Brushes are made specifically for your shotgun 12Ga. It comes with a brass adapter that fits any 8/32 thread rod. 

Bore Baby 12 Gauge Bore Mops are well made, labeled, and fluffy. They work well absorbing solvents generously. Plus, they are very well priced.

Bore Baby 12 Gauge bore mops come with 5/16-27 thread. 

Your chances of reusing these depend on the severity of use. If you used it simply to clear out the dust, then you can reuse it but if you used it for solvents or oil you’ll most likely get a single-use out of it.

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Can you wash gun cleaning mops

Yes You can

Final Thoughts

This has been our top five picks of the best gun cleaning mops. The manufacturers do not provide much information regardless, all the needful information is at your fingertips now.

Have you used any of these? Which others have you used? Share your experience with us today.

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