9 Best Gun Cleaning Mats in 2024 (Updated: Apr)

Let’s see the best gun cleaning mats in this article.

Numerous people’s primary concern with faulty gun mats is that the oils seep out and leave everything greasy whenever they put them in their gun servicing container.

Gun cleaning mats are composed of certain substances to prevent this from occurring. 

Whenever your gun cleaning kits get into play with a gun mat, it’s expected to remain on the surface, not seep into the substance, allowing you to swipe it up easily. 

In this article, we’ve made a list of the best gun cleaning mats for you.

9 Best Gun Cleaning Mats

#1 TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat for use with AR-15

TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat for use with AR-15

TekMat AR-15 cleaning mat is tough enough to wipe your gun while being soft enough not to damage the weapon.

This mat provides a ridged brake for protecting surrounding surfaces and keeping excess fluids contained.

Designed for severe cleaning, TekMat AR-15 cleaning mat will help keep your gun clean and ready for use by anyone.

The TekMat gun cleaning mat is made to the highest standards: from the waterproof, scratch-resistant dye-sublimation printing to a textured surface that aids users in controlling where they lay down the rifle for a thorough cleaning.

This gun cleaning mat is 33 inches by 36 inches, 3mm thick and provides plenty of clean, safe space to disassemble your rifle.

This mat has a lifetime guarantee and prevents chemicals from damaging your work surface. TekMat is designed in Salt Lake City and prints an AR-15 exploded clean schematic.

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#2 Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

Here is if you’re searching for the greatest weapon maintenance pad.

However, we must tell readers that this mat is quite pricey and more than most individuals would be willing to pay on a gun mat, but we decided to add it nevertheless.

The weapon maintenance mat is made of top-of-the-line components.

The inside is waxed canvas, which resists discoloration from oils and grease.

Thick woolen and strong leather make up the exterior layer.

Bristles bore snakes, lubricant, and other gun cleaning supplies can be stored in the interior parts of this gun cleaning mat. As a result, it can be used as a pistol maintenance container and a cleaning pad. 

After it’s rolled up, it’s held together by two leather bands that lock it in position. This weapon cleaning mat has a textured wool texture, perfect for clearing weapons but is a bit pricey.

This cleaning mat is of the highest grade we’ve encountered, and it appears that it may endure a century. We admire it most because it has whatever you require to clean your rifle.

#3 ProCase Gun Cleaning Mat

ProCase Gun Cleaning Mat

This cleaning mat is among the most popular gun cleaning mat market items, with over 700 good ratings only for this type. 

They have a variety of graphic layouts; the majority of them are tailored towards AR 15 cleaning mats.

This model’s delicate polyester top protects the firearm from scratches, whereas the mat’s neoprene rubber base keeps items in position and prevents your worktop from rolling everywhere.

This mat will also prevent dangerous chemicals, grease, and debris from contacting any workstation, workbench, or the place where you are cleaning and handling your weapons. 

You can even throw it in the wash on a mild run and air dry it to make it look brand new.

Altogether, we believe this is the greatest pistol cleaning pad we could locate for the AR 15. Its visuals are excellent; however, the functional build is what we truly enjoyed.

The thermoplastic covering keeps your CLPs and solutions from leaking into the mat, whereas the neoprene base prevents objects from moving over on the workbench.

This is a great deal at reasonable pricing, and it might last a long time.

#4 BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Mat for Rifle Pistol Shotgun

BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Mat for Rifle Pistol Shotgun

Boosteady has come up with a new notion with this weapon cleaning mat.

This device is manufactured with a neoprene non-slip foundation and is created exclusively for ARs.

Apart from the designs on the mat, the most notable feature of this rifle cleaning mat is that it is designed to be absorbent. 

UsefulThingy has gone to great lengths to ensure that splashed CLPs and oils absorb the surface rather than sweep off.

Designers realize that every shooter has their own tastes; however, this particular one has us puzzling our brains. It will most certainly accumulate a lot of grease and odor like a machine shop over some time.

This weapon cleaning pad from Boosteady has received over 500 evaluations and has received no issues. You could favor the absorbent material to the wipe-away style, relying on personal tastes.

#5 Raiseek Gun Cleaning Mat

 Raiseek Cleaning Mat

We’re major advocates of the 2nd Amendment, which goes without stating.

This tattered flag and 2nd Amendment gun cleaning mat is a fantastic addition for any gun enthusiast.

Because of the size, you’d just need to employ this as a handgun cleaning pad.

This mat is too little for weapons like a rifle or shotgun, measuring 11′′ x 17′′.

Apart from the fact that it looks amazing and works well, there isn’t much to write on this Raiseek item. Although this doesn’t surpass any other pistol cleaning mat by itself, it does tick all the right boxes.

#6 GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

Unless you’re planning to charge above your competitors, you’d rather have a few advantages that they don’t.

Gloryfire didn’t forget about that when they created this gun maintenance mat.

The mat can also be used as a pistol cleaning kit by integrating compartments.

They’re made to contain all of your bristles, bore snakes, oils, and anything else you’d like to put in them.

There are some nice fine details on this waxed canvas pistol cleaning mat.

It features its very own holding grip and is fastened with some high-quality leather fasteners when wrapped.

The high-quality quilted wool firearm cleansing platform is another feature that sets this item apart from competitors in the industry. It’s perfect for cleansing weapons because it’s free of abrasives, so it won’t damage them.

This is, without a doubt, the best pistol cleaning pad we’ve ever used. This does come with a larger cost, but if you’re passionate about weapons, you’re probably not bothered. 

Investing a little more isn’t so bad when you’re getting something that could last us a lifetime.

#7 Real Avid Smart Mat – 43×16” Large Padded Gun Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat - 43x16” Large Padded Gun Mat

The Real Avid Smart mat is a good weapon maintenance mat made of non-absorbent neoprene.

That’s a good mat, and it comes in 2 sizes and shapes: one for rifle and shotgun, and the other for handguns.

The Real Avid Smart gun cleaning mat has over 100 evaluations, making it an obvious choice for gun enthusiasts.

There’s also a magnetic component retention strip included. 

This assures that the pieces do not slide off from us and that everything is properly.

The only manufacturer that provided this choice is Real Avid Smart’s weapon maintenance pad.

The mat’s backside is made of a non-slip substance that prevents it from sliding about on your tabletop. Anybody who has ever cleaned a rifle on a clean surface will appreciate this function.

This is, without a doubt, among the most desirable gun maintenance mats available. It’s well made, and we enjoy the notion of maintaining an account of all our hinges and parts with the constructed magnetic strip.

While the Sage & Braker version is still the finest gun cleaning mat in the industry, it’s fair to assume that this is the strongest gun cleaning mat for the price.

#8 Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad, Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad, Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

It’s amazing how tough it is to locate an elevated quality big weapon cleaning pad with many items focused on handguns and ARs. 

We’re talking about one that’ll fit your Benelli Super Black Eagle III shotgun when you want to go hunting in the autumn.

So, there you have it. Drymate makes a 54-inch long shotgun cleansing mat that is certainly long enough to cleanse standard shotguns. 

It has a waterproof foundation and an absorbing topmost part. That way, all spillage is absorbed, yet your workstation or table is protected.

This is a pretty fair purchase, and if it gets too oily, it’s not the end of the universe if you have to replace it. 

Unlike some of the other firearm cleaning mats on this listing, this one is available in various colors. 

Based on your inclination, you can pick between green and orange. Altogether, Drymate has produced a decent shotgun cleaning mat. 

With over 300 positive consumer evaluations, it’s a great option for individuals who want to invest cash on shotgun shells rather than cleaning equipment.

#9 American Whitetail Biggest Long Gun Cleaning Mataning Mat

American Whitetail Biggest Long Gun Cleaning Mat

This mat is shorter than the variant, making it ideal for Glock pistol holders or anybody looking for a shorter mat that is even more adapted to pistols.

It includes a Glock diagram on the front, as anyone may think, for simple disassembly, cleansing, and greasing of all their Glock handguns, and it’s the right size for conducting service on people’s favorite polymer pistol.

It’s also well-padded yet not overly so, rendering it ideal for storing in a practice case for performing adjustments and cleansing the guns before actually putting them down in their holsters for the next round of firing.

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  1. What’s a Gun Cleaning Mat?

    A gun cleaning mat is a blanket created explicitly to assist users with cleaning firearms. Maintaining firearms on a routine basis is necessary to maintain them in proper working order. 

    This procedure entails dismantling the firearm, cleansing, wiping, and greasing each element individually before reconstructing the gun to prevent rust and grime from accumulating.

    You’ll require a proper room to cleanse your rifle and its equipment if you’re planning to maintain it. 

    You’ll also have to make a note of the little parts and safeguard the workbench’s surfaces from spills and splatter from the solutions and chemicals you’ll be utilizing to cleanse your weapon. The mat keeps dust and debris at bay while also keeping things tidy.

  2. What is the best gun cleaning mat?

    There are 9 top gun cleaning mats that are already included in this article. Additionally below 2 are also the best gun cleaning mats.
    1. Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat
    2. Tipton Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Mat

  3. What is a Gun Cleaning Mat Made of?

    Most gun cleaner mats are made of a polymer that eliminates scratching while maintaining a secure grip. The surface is cut-resistant and non-slip rubber to reduce slips and falls. Some cleaning mats added an anti-microbial agent that inhibits odour causing bacteria from thriving on the surface, but it will not harm delicate finishes.

  4. Can you wash the gun cleaning mat?

    Yes, you can wash gun cleaning mats. However, we highly recommend that you do not put the gun cleaning mat in an automatic washer as it will degrade the quality of your mat and change its properties.

  5. Are Tekmats good?

    Tekmats are the best way to clean your gun. They are the only product 100% made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber), and they will not break down like regular cotton and foam cleaning mats. There is no need for a gun brush, as Gun Cleaning Mats last for many cleaning cycles because they give off less friction with metal surfaces; cotton and foam mats cannot offer this level of longevity.


That concludes our research on the best gun cleaning mats. Hopefully, we wish everyone found our recommendations to be worthwhile – we would assuredly be pleased. Who knows, users might have even discovered something interesting. 

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