7 Best Foaming Bore Cleaner in 2024 (Updated on Feb)

Weapons must be adequately cared for and serviced to remain in prime shape.

Cleansing them on a routine basis, which includes using the best foaming bore cleaner obtainable, is one of the simplest methods to achieve this.

Investing in elevated bore cleansers enables users to finish the job swiftly, conveniently, and effectively.

Putting your weapon in safekeeping before properly cleaning it can damage and lose precision as debris accumulates. When you resume operating it again, it will be harder to use.

The advantage of a foaming bore cleaning solution is that the foam helps users thoroughly clean the bore contact area. This article will help you find the best foaming bore cleaner for your guns.

Best Foaming Bore Cleaner

1. Shooter’s Choice Otis Technology Mc#7 Extra Strength Bore Cleaner

Shooter’s Choice Otis Technology Mc#7 Extra

This Shooter’s choice Otis technology bore cleaner is the #1 choice in our list of best foaming bore cleaner. This Bore Cleaner makes dissolving and removing powdered debris from the bore simple and quick.

Whenever administering foam into the hole, the dispensing pipe enables the dispersion of this product to be easier to administer.

There’s no requirement to scrape the bore because this bore cleanser includes a great cleansing solution formula to get rid of copper clogging.

The orange foaming also contains a color change effectiveness indicator that turns blue when copper fouling is eliminated and black when powdered debris is eliminated. You’ll definitely recognize when the foaming process is operating with this indication.

Even though the cleansing solution’s color-shifting characteristics are only effective for black powder and copper residue, this gun cleanser also functions well for small rust, lead, and carbon clogging accumulation.

2. BreakFree CLP Gun Cleans Lubricates Prevent Aerosol Can

BREAK FREE CLP Gun Cleaner Bore Cleaning

The Bore Cleaner is a specialist gun bore cleaning fluid that removes carbon and copper buildup from the weapon’s barrel. As it dissolves away chemical constituents, this bore cleaner turns color. 

This can assist us in determining whether there is a significant buildup of copper or carbon clogging or whether it can be effectively removed.

Inside the barrel, the foam spreads and permeates the riffling’s lands and grooves, where the copper covering is embedded. It then reacts with the contaminants in the bore, dissolving them fast.

Several standards bore cleaning methods are outperformed by this kind. It was created primarily to remove any built-up, hardened, or baked-on clogging from the bore.

3. Thompson Center Accessories, Foaming Bore Cleaner

Thompson Center Accessories, Foaming Bore Cleaner

The Thompson Center Foaming Bore Cleanser is a foamy agent designed to cleanse and neutralize clogging in black powder muzzleloaders. 

It also aids in the removal of copper, plastic, and lead stains. This liquid generates a micro-thin protective barrier layer in the bore to prevent rust and oxidation. 

The foam will infiltrate even the toughest discolored clogging, making cleaning very simple for anyone!

Hence no more hours spent cleaning the barrel! Allow an hour until the foam settles in the bore. This foam cleaner handles all of the heavy lifting for us. Pyrodex type powder and black powder could be used with this item; smokeless granules are not allowed.



Whenever it concerns maintaining your firearms clean, the Bore Cleaner is a fantastic choice. 

This cleaner effectively removes rust and prevents damage. Dry stains are easily absorbed by the foam structure, making cleanup a breeze.

It can be sprayed directly into the bore or utilized to clean weapon components with a cleaning brush

This foamy bore cleanser is appropriate for all current weapons and is completely safe to administer. It will aid in the preservation of the barrel and the removal of any small rust.

Sprinkle the foam, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush the rust with a cleansing nylon bristle or bronze bristle before actually spraying the foam again to eliminate rust from the bore. 

It’s an odorless, water/citrus-based solution free of acids and ammonia. Plastics, copper clogging, and powder debris are all dissolved by this substance.

5. Otis Technology Foaming Bore Cleaner

Otis Technology Foaming Bore Cleaner

This bore cleaner makes a foam that expands. This enables cleaning the bore a snap while also thoroughly cleaning it.

Merely spritz the solvent into the breach and let the foam cover the bore completely.

Whenever it comes to cleansing a rifle, this foam takes care of everything. Before actually eliminating the foam, enable it to degrade. 

The designer suggests using an Otis Breech-to-Muzzle pistol cleansing package or Ripcord to eliminate the foam. For mild clogging and dust deposits, use this foaming bore cleaning. Nevertheless, if you want to get rid of plastered carbon or copper, this isn’t the ideal method.

6. Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner

Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner

If anyone utilizes black powder shooters, they are well aware of how difficult cleanup might be. 

Firearm owners frequently use warm water to clean their firearms, then scrub and brush the deposit off. Those of us having the knowledge, on the other hand, employ Hoppe’s No. 9 Black Powder formulation.

It makes no difference what sort of revolver or weapon you use—after target practice or a contest, the gun needs to be cleaned because it accumulates particles that can harm the weapon if left untreated. 

You must cleanse the weapon with a specific solution to remove the abrasive carbon residue that can build up within.

Because the item serves as cleaning and a patch lubricant, I am awarding it high ratings for functionality. 

An additional benefit of this cleanser is that it is mild on the skin, which is fantastic news for those with hypersensitive skin. It is on of the Best bore cleaner for copper fouling.

Unfortunately, the cleanser has a powerful odor that some people may find overbearing and off-putting. If you’re not a fan of strong perfumes, this may not be the solution for you.

A further minor flaw to address is the squeeze container, which, although it has a cap, does not actually work as a squeeze container. You may need to shake the bottle a little to get any liquid out.

7. Gunslick 85004 Foaming Bore Cleaner

Gunslick 85004

Try a foamy bore cleanser like this Gunslick offering if liquid bore cleaners aren’t your thing. One of several benefits of this product is that it is uncomplicated and straightforward to administer.

As initially stated, comprehensive cleansing requires only three steps: spritz, soak, and then remove the debris. Cover the barrel halfway with solvent and let it soak for a few minutes.

You’ll be required to wipe it thoroughly with a cloth after soaking. This stage does not require brushing; nonetheless, users can use a bore snake if they want to get speedy outcomes.

Users can repeat the method if there is a lot of debris or deposit on the handgun.

If the foam turns blue, that indicates that it is dissolving metal accumulation; nevertheless, if it is dissolving particles, the foam will turn black.

Unlike other foam bore cleansers, the foam is fairly thick and will hardly drip or flow out from the barrel.

Nonetheless, make sure the foam doesn’t get into any wooden components, painted areas of the rifle, or the synthetic stock. Whether this transpires, remove the foam as soon as possible.

Because of its high effectiveness, this solution may be able to remedy the issue if you have weapons with significant copper deposition.

Things to Consider When Buying a Best Foaming Bore Cleaner

Assuming you wish to get the most return on your investment, any of these foaming bore cleaners are good selections.

However, we understand if you’re having problems selecting which choice is ideal for your weapon maintenance requirements. 

If you’re still undecided about which product is best for you, here’s a quick rundown of some final points to think about before finalizing your choice.


Pricing is among the most crucial factors to contemplate before purchasing a bore cleaner. The cost will vary based on the manufacturer you select. 

Certain weapon owners assume that only high-end, more costly bore cleansers should be used, whereas others argue that mid-range, less costly bore cleansers should be purchased. It’s indeed entirely dependent on your personal inclinations.


It’s important to remember to maintain your weapon after each round of shooting.

As a consequence, you’ll need a foaming bore cleaner that can swiftly and effectively eliminate deposits of dirt. Users don’t want to waste all their time maintaining their guns.


The best firearm bore cleansing solutions have specialized formulations that can readily enter deep into the gun’s bore to eliminate any copper, carbon, or other powder buildups that might cause damages. 

When purchasing a foam cleaner, users should evaluate the foaming solution composition to prevent carbon buildup from accumulating inside the barrels of your contemporary weapon.

Type of Gun

Certain foamy bore cleaners are suited for cleaning specific types of weapons. 

The nozzle on certain administering tubes may also be too broad to operate in the barrel of a tiny pistol. Before buying the foam cleansing solutions, double that the product information matches the weapon type.

Other Considerations

Additional things to consider are whether the bore cleaner has a strong odor or will hurt your skin. 

Certain folks can’t stand strong odors, and others may have skin conditions. Before making any transactions, remember to read the item’s information thoroughly.


Is gun bore cleaner necessary?

To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your weapon, you should use both gun cleaning and oils. Always ensure to cleanse your rifle before greasing it.

What can I use as gun solvent?

You’ll need a container of hydrogen peroxide from your lavatory. That is all there is to it. 
Once combined in a 50/50 ratio, two common home chemicals will strip off metal residues in the weapon, clean charred metal and gunpowder that taint the insides, and make the outer sections glisten like a fresh feel.

Does CLP expire?

For three years, the CLP certificate is valid. The date your credentials will terminate is listed on the print document you got after getting the CLP certificate.
If the credential is not updated, it will lapse three years after it was first achieved on the last day of the month.

Should you oil the bore of a rifle?

Never use gun grease to grease the bore! The bore can be coated with a thicker lubricant, including Barricade for prolonged storage. This should be eradicated before shooting from the weapon by cleansing the barrel!

Is gun cleaner flammable?

Users probably assume that weapon solutions are abrasive chemicals, and users certainly are correct. They are typically highly combustible and should not be employed near an active blaze or spark. 
Allowing any gun solution to remain on the gun for a short duration is crucial to its effectiveness.

Do you use a solvent with a Bore boss?

The Bore Boss is a pistol maintenance equipment that pulls through the barrel. It’s a one-stop shop for administering solvent, scouring, cleaning, and lubricating your barrel’s interior. 
To prevent damage to the barrel base, gun professionals advocate cleansing from the breach. Apply a small number of solvents to the front of the motor.


Firearms and weapons need to be serviced on a routine basis. Failure to manage your weapon may result in significant deterioration of its performance. 

Applying the best foaming bore cleaner or foam gun cleaner can make cleaning and maintaining your weapons much easier. 

Hopefully, our purchaser’s guideline helped locate the appropriate foaming bore cleaning for your requirements.

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