5 Best Gun Cleaning Box in 2024 (Updated in Jul)

The gun cleaning box that includes most cleaning kits isn’t to everyone’s liking. Therefore they generally update it. The low quality of the carry bag is by far the most common criticism. 

Most gun cleaning kits can’t afford to contain both a high-quality container and high-quality bristles.

Most packages also may not have enough storage for additional essentials like cleaning poles, CLP, or anything else you could require. 

People frequently express dissatisfaction with their carrying case, either too large or too little.

We wish to include a range of sizes in our collection, and the packages are the right size for storing all of your cleaning materials. 

We spent considerable time looking for gun cleaning boxes on the internet, which we found. Keep reading to find out the best gun cleaning box for you.

5 Best Gun Cleaning Box

#1 MTM TRB-40 Tactical Range Box

MTM TRB-40 Tactical Range Box

This might be the most well-designed best gun cleaning box on the market. MTM, a company recognized for producing high-quality ammunition cases, designed this case.

Everything you might have to clean your firearms is contained in a portion and a container.

Multiple gun holding bits can be inserted into the sidewalls to hold your pistol while being cleaned to cap it off.

This box is for experienced shooters who want a high-quality cleaning storage container. 

If you fire a lot, you also clean a lot, and having a great cleaning box may make your weapon cleaning process simpler and more fun. The first thing to notice in this box is that it is large and light. 

It offers more than enough capacity for all your gun maintenance and shooting accessories, weighing only 5 lbs, and measures 24″ x 11″ x 8″. There are two primary sections inside the box.

The top tray, which can be removed, holds all of your strokes and smaller equipment. The gun racks for cleaning your shotguns and rifles are located in the inner chamber, which may hold larger goods.

There are 18 distinct compartments in all and two adjustable gun forks. There have been a lot of excellent comments on this cleaning box. 

Some state that the container’s quality is excellent, the structure is robust, the box is extremely load-bearing, and there are no strange odors. 

The box’s big capacity is another thing that is well appreciated. There aren’t many individuals who would be unhappy with this cleaning box. 

That’s all there is to it if you just want to whine about it being too huge. A few folks didn’t enjoy it out of a few more reviews.

The lid’s closure may be a little tighter. Whereas the box’s cover makes it water resilient, you can’t expect it to stay dry if you entirely submerge it underwater.

Bear in mind that this package is intended for serious firearm owners who want to clean all of their guns.

#2 Plano 1612 Deep Water Resistant Field Box with Lift Out Tray

Plano 1612 Deep Water Resistant Field Box

After hours of looking for the best gun cleaning box, we chose the Plano shooting case.

There are many situations to pick from, and it might be difficult.

This Plano box is made for cleaning kits and is smaller than the bigger cleaning boxes we evaluated earlier. 

The case is about the size of a typical fishing toolbox, perhaps a little taller.

It is 15″ x 6″ x 9″ and is about the dimensions of a normal fishing gearbox, maybe a little larger.

It has two lift-out trays, one for tools and weapon cleaning chemicals on top and a bigger bottom tray for extra cleaning materials and shooting equipment.

It is one of the best cleaning cases available for the money. It also comes with two fork mounts so you can clean your handgun or shotgun while holding it. 

Gun safety is essential when owning a handgun, and the fork mounts provided in this kit certainly help. 

It’s not waterproof, but according to the reviews, it works well in fork mounting for keeping your handgun or shotgun while washing it.

Overall, a great cleaning case that much outperforms 99 percent of the typical cases that come with gun cleaning kits.

Finally, a pistol cleaning box has received all of Amazon’s 4 and 5-star ratings. The concerns are modest, and most folks think it’s either too big or too little. 

So, if you need a larger case, go ahead and acquire one. There’s plenty of storage, and the trays are made of high-quality plastic, in my opinion. That’s what a high-quality cleaning box should provide.

#3 MTM Shooting Range Box

MTM Shooting Range Box

This gun cleaning kit includes a range of useful equipment for cleaning all of your weapons.

Two arm holders are included in the gun cleaning kit, which you may use to grip your rifle while using your cleaning pole.

The MTM Range Box has everything you’ll need, as well as plenty of room to clean your firearms on the road. 

Because of its wide capacity, you may fill the box with components from your previous kit, as well as a few extra oils and brushes.

All of your bristles, jags, chemicals, shot glasses, and other equipment may be stored in the top area of the gun cleaning box, which has divider slots.

This offers you the tools you need to organize all of your brushes and other cleaning supplies, allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily.

There are 18 sections in total to store anything you could need. It’s critical to have all of your components organized since it saves you a huge amount of time.

The case is large enough to contain all of your ammo and even a couple firearms. One implies that if you’re heading on a low-key shooting trip, you’ll just need to bring this box with you.

Basically, one of the greatest gun cleaning tool kits we could discover, and we looked for quite some time! If you’re seeking a cleaning box with no complaints, you’ve come to the right place. 

This is by far one of the nicest cases available, and it includes everything you could possibly need, except for a rifle cleaning kit, of course. 

The latches are the only criticism I could come up with. If you don’t close it correctly, water or debris might go inside your kit.

#4 Krome Gun Center Toolbox

Krome Gun Center Toolbox

If you’ve spent enough time around firearms, you’ve almost certainly heard of Krome’s and seen their No. 9 line of items. 

Krome’s toolkit is the usual lubricating oil and cleanser to turn to when it comes time to wipe a dirty gun for many enthusiasts, especially those who recall the Nixon era.

When it comes to weapon care and maintenance supplies, Krome’s still has a sizable market share, and the unmistakable orange bottles of lubricant can be found in practically every trash drawer in a gun host’s garage. 

The gas is also fantastic for certain finicky mechanical items, and it’s really beneficial for rust-prone jewelry like a meteorite.

This Deluxe Kit, as well as the standalone Universal Accessory Kit, is ideal for anyone already familiar with Krome’s No. 9 product range. 

The Deluxe Kit contains working fluid, solvent, three copper rods, 4 slotted ends for holding covers, 5 bronze brushes, and a small brochure on how to use all that’s included in the box. Overall, suppose you’re a recreational shooter or sportsman. 

In that case, these two sets will cover the essentials for practically any caliber you’re likely to have onboard, and the supplied gear is good enough to last you a long time, save for commodities like oil and solution.

I’ve been using the Deluxe Pack as a field-cleaning box for years (without the gorgeous wood box), and it’s always in my hunting bag in whichever cabin or home base we’re in. 

It’s neither the most comprehensive nor the greatest for dirty semi-autos, but it’s more than good for hunting shotguns and rifles, and it can’t be matched for a classic.

#5 Otis Technology .223/5.56 Elite Range Box

Otis Technology .223/5.56 Elite Range Box

The Otis All Caliber Professional Range Kit has, without a doubt, everything you’ll need to clean nearly every commonly-available caliber in the United States. 

You can wash it with this package to obtain bullets from Academy or Bass Pro Store. 

And if you have a special caliber that isn’t listed, obtaining the brush you need won’t be difficult.

Every list of the best pistol cleaning kits should include this range case. 

Six pull cords for various rifles are included, as well as an AR-15 bolt maintenance tool, a slew of patches and patched holders, several buffing ropes, and a staggering 16 bronze bore cleaners. 

You receive a range of Otis brand solvents, CLP-like things, oils, and a waterproof metal coating, all of which are quite serviceable and fantastic and will do the job.

You also receive a set of picks, scrubbers, and swabs for removing baked-on carbon from hard-to-reach places like AR-15 bolts and the interior of an old .22 semi-auto you have not yet cleaned in 5,000 rounds. You’ve seen it before. We’ve all got one.

Finally, the entire equipment is packaged in a plastic tackle box-like box that, in my experience, has withstood considerably more damage than I expected.

It’s definitely not a poor investment for something that you can throw in your van or leave in the basement and know you can service your weapons, your guys’ weapons, and their friends’ guns without requiring much more than a bit of extra oil and some repairs.

There’s also space in the box for other little bits and bobs you’ll invariably collect to thoroughly clean your weapons. 

Let’s be frank, even if you purchase one of these packages, you’ll cease up with all sorts of other widgets, takedown toolkits, and cleaning materials.


Hope you selected your cleaning box by reading our “best Gun Cleaning Box” guide.

There’s a lot to say for buying one item and having all you need to clean your pistol or firearms in one location, and these kits allow you to do exactly that. 

Cleaning your weapons doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it doesn’t have to take hours while you fight to put everything together just to find you need more spots or a different brushing size.

You need not worry as you have all you need on board with all these packages, and you can keep it all in one spot to save searching through the garage looking for this brush or that adaptor. 

They also include high-quality consumables to help you get started if you don’t prefer a particular brand when it comes to oil, lubricant, and other such items.

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