Dry Lube vs Wet Lube for Gun: Which One to Choose?

Let’s take a look at the difference between dry lube and wet lube for guns by comparing dry lube vs wet lube in this article.

Finding suitable lubrication for your gun is crucial, and while wet lubes are the most prevalent, more gun owners are turning to dry lubes.

In any event, you must keep your handgun in good operating order so that it is ready to use when needed. If it’s a carry gun you use for self-defense, it’s much more vital.

As a result, finding high-quality gun lubricant is critical.

Dry Lube vs Wet Lube for Gun

The fundamental distinction between dry and wet gun lubrication is that a dry gun lubricant is generally solid and does not include any oil.

Some dried lubes come in white powder, while others are liquids that solidify when applied. Teflon, Molybdenum disulfide, and graphite are examples of dry lubricants.

Graphite effectively reduces friction and wear, although it can corrode aluminum and steel. Teflon is an excellent lubricant, but it only works under particular circumstances.

Molybdenum disulfide, or moly, is an excellent lubricant that lasts a long time, but when it gets wet, it produces acids.

On the other hand, a wet gun lubricant is an oil. It could be either an artificial or a petroleum-based oil. Wet lubes are frequently combined with various additives to improve their capabilities.

Many wet gun lubes successfully eliminate carbon fouling, filth, and grime while also preventing rust and corrosion on a gun’s metallic components.

Many of them have cleaning, lubricating, and protective properties. They also stay in place after application, providing long-term protection against the consequences of using and extending the life of a weapon.

Both dry and wet gun lubes, in general, do a decent job of decreasing friction and heat, which increases wear. On the other hand, dry lubes are suitable for providing short-term friction protection. However, it offers no protection against rust and corrosion.

Wet lube minimizes friction while also providing long-term rust and corrosion prevention.

Which lubricant, then, would be the finest to use?

The messier your firearm becomes, the more you use it. Wet lubes are designed to remain put, and while it doesn’t attract dirt, it retains it in place. Dirt adheres to them as a result.

On the other hand, dry lubes do not keep dirt since they evaporate fast. Dry gun Lubes offer one big benefit over wet lubes in this regard.

If you shoot your pistol regularly, a dry lubricant will help you shoot more smoothly and keep your weapon clean.

Using dry lubricant to lubricate your firearm, on the other hand, is not a smart idea. That’s because dry lubricants aren’t designed to provide long-term protection.

Using dry lubrication on a pistol that will be stored is a bad idea since the lube would do nothing to safeguard your handgun against rust and corrosion.

While lubricating your pistol with moist lubrication before storing it will give enough corrosion protection for a long period. Dry lubricants will keep your gun clean and decrease friction, but they will not prevent it from rusting.

In summary, the lubrication you put on your pistol is mostly determined by how often you use it and how clean you want it to be after each round you fire.

Each lubrication has advantages and disadvantages, and you must eventually choose the lube that best matches your needs. Getting both is the greatest advice.

These gun lubes are inexpensive. When shooting bullets, use dry lubrication, and when protecting your rifle from moisture, use a wet lube.

Best Gun Cleaning Lube

1. Hoppes 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Lube

Hoppes 9 Elite Gun lube

Since 1903, this brand has been operating in the field of firearm oils. Because of the clarity in quality and longevity, it gives to the gun, it has been one of the most popular and highly recommended gun oils since its inception.

It’s a multi-purpose, broad-spectrum handgun oil that can clean a wide range of guns. This is a three-in-one package that includes an oil solvent and a cleaning agent.

Hoppes 9 Elite cleaning kit is a solvent that lubricates the gun’s components and works as a lubricant.

This solvent was created particularly to grease and clean every component of the pistol. It gets into your rifle’s deepest internal and exterior areas, allowing you to fix it quickly and easily. This lubricating oil and solvent benefit from protecting your fire area and providing a buffer against potential harm.

This oil comes in a 32-ounce container, enough to lubricate your pistol more than five times. Furthermore, the cap of this oil vial is a childproof cap, which prevents the child from opening it. Because it would be unsafe for your child to come into touch with this liquid solution, the cap has been made childproof.

This three-in-one Hoppes 9 Elite cleaning kit includes oil and solvent for rapid weapon cleaning. It also has a childproof cap to keep it out of the hands of youngsters. Furthermore, the oil is designed to reach the deepest regions of the cannon, ensuring its long-term durability.

2. Slip 2000 EWL 

Slip 2000 EWL

You’re searching for a way to keep your pistol from corroding. I would advise you to use Slip 2000 EWL.

This is an excellent solution for lubricating and protecting your pistol against corrosion. As a consequence of corrosion prevention, your rifle will be more durable and long-lasting.

Using this oil is that it will not adhere debris or grime to the gun’s surface after treatment.

On the other hand, it will resist dust and filth, ensuring that your pistol remains dust-free. Additionally, keeping your gun free of pathogens makes it safer to use.

We found that Slip 2000 EWL keeps your pistol wetter than any other clone, resulting in the least friction on its area. You may use this firearm oil on any element of your gun, whether internal or exterior, without fear hurting it. Slip 2000 EWL is a non-toxic lubricant that gives your pistol new life and energy.

The #2 most effective and efficient grease for oiling weapons is Slip 2000 EWL. It is acceptable and suggested for use with all types of guns, regardless of their material. This oil will extend the life of a weapon because it is non-toxic.

3. Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner 

Screenshot 2022 03 23 at 01.06.27

This is a two-in-one solution that greases and cleans your pistol both inside and out.

This substance gives your pistol exceptional lubrication, making it extremely effective for long-term usage.

This Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner not only protects your pistol against corrosion but also protects it from powerful and harsh climatic conditions, as well as wear and tear.

This pistol is well-known and trustworthy, and there is nothing it can’t do to improve your rifle’s overall performance and effectiveness. You don’t have to wait for the oil to start working after applying it because it starts working right away.


1. Do I have to lube my gun?

Yes, it is necessary.

2. How often should I lube my gun?

Once a week.


When the different mechanical components of your gun come into touch with one another, gun lubricants aid in reducing friction. Friction slows the motion of these pieces, lowering the total potential of your weapon and limiting its ability to fire high-velocity, precise rounds.

This is why it’s critical to use gun oil during maintenance and cleaning operations, as the oil acts as a liquid flow between the two surfaces, allowing them to move in harmony.

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