Can You Over Clean a Gun? (Let’s Find Out)

Many individuals treat their firearms as if they were children or pets, and believe that they must provide them with all they require to be happy.

Can You Over Clean a Gun? That’s a common question we get. 

The answer is “No”, But incorrect cleaning might cause harm to your gun and impair accuracy. 

Let’s go through some pointers on how to keep your guns from becoming damaged.

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4 Methods to Clean Your Gun Without getting Damaged

Use Good Cleaning Rods

guy cleaning gun with cleaning rod

If you clean your rifle frequently, you run the risk of ruining the rifling or crown if you use poor cleaning rods. 

This is the most serious problem since, assuming you clean from the snout, aluminum cleaning rods may easily harm the inside barrel.

This may be readily avoided by utilizing a suitable cleaning rod, including a carbon fiber cleaning rod, which makes damaging the barrel nearly difficult.

These are a little more pricey, but they’re well worth it. I have several Tipton carbon fiber rods, and the difference between them and inexpensive brass cleaning bolts is night and day.

Use a Bore Guide

Use a Bore Guide

Using a universal bore guideline with your washing rods is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to prevent all of this. 

This must be used while cleaning from the breach, and you must use the appropriate brushes and equipment.

For a few bucks, this is definitely the finest thing you can bring to your equipment to avoid accidentally scratching the rifling. A bore guide is simple to use and comes in handy when dealing with a variety of rifles.

Use Good Cleaning Solvents

Use Good Cleaning Solvents

The cleaning solvent you choose is the other major issue that might impact your gun. A terrible cleaning solution, such as a sticky oil like REM Oil, will cause an accumulation of debris over time. 

To avoid dust adhering to your firearms, which will lead to muck and sludge, you should use the great gun cleaning solution available.

Use a Bore Snake

Bore Snake

Using a decent bore snake is a simple method to avoid harming your pistol. While your cleaning rods will still be useful, it’s a great idea to use a hollow snake to avoid harming the crown and rifling.

Bore snakes will not completely clean the barrel, and they are regarded as the lazy way to clean a rifle, but they do have their role.

You’ll discover that you missed a bunch of sludge in all of the grooves if you use a decent cleaning rod and wash your barrel after using a bore snake.

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Why is Cleaning Your Gun Important?

Safety and Reliability

You will be able to maintain your pistol in top form if you properly maintain it on a regular basis.

Cleaning your gun ensures that it will work at its best and that any muck that has accumulated from use will be removed. It’s critical to clean your gun on a regular basis if you want to trust it and use it securely.

When you’re firing your weapon, residue, dust, and debris can gather and start building up in the internal mechanics of the handgun and the barrel. 

Residual contamination, which is made primarily of burned gunpowder, becomes stuck in the cylinder every time you take it. 

Furthermore, lubricating your pistol on a regular basis stimulates residue to adhere to the gun.

If you leave this neglected for an extended period of time, your gun may gum up, requiring repairs or resulting in a shooting failure. 

Furthermore, the crud that has accumulated in the barrel might reduce the accuracy of your rifle.

Getting to Know Your Weapon

By dismantling and cleaning your pistol on a regular basis, you’ll have a greater understanding of how it works and how its parts operate. 

When you glance at a gun externally, it appears to be made up of a single part, yet weapons are made up of several separate elements that work together to fire a bullet.

Reassembling a gun after it has been disassembled might be difficult or simple, depending on the sort of gun that you own.

Even if you’re not interested in knowing about the mechanism that makes your gun shoot, studying about its inner workings will help you get more comfortable with it and appreciate it. 

You’ll also learn how to care for your gun, why it needs to be cleaned, and which portions of it collect the most residue and grime.

Increase Lifespan

Your gun may endure anywhere from a few years to many generations, depending on how well you care for it. A basic cleaning program may significantly extend the life of your pistol.

If you’re curious how much you should wash your pistol, start by calculating how often you use it. 

Although some gun owners wash their rifles once every few months, others clean their weapons after each usage.

The frequency with which you clean your gun is determined by how long you want it to survive and how often you use it. To get as much out of your rifle, all you have to do is correctly lubricate, wash, and store it.

When you clean your pistol thoroughly, you’re assuming that you’ll only have to repair components of your gun a few times in the future. You also lower your chances of being involved in an accident.

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You may simply avoid 99% of gun cleaning difficulties by utilizing proper cleaning rods, a bore guideline, and a suitable cleaning fluid. If you worry about your firearms, now is the time to invest in reliable gun cleaning equipment and the finest cleaning products available. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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